Acacia Baileyana

Information on the Acacia Baileyana

The acacia baileyana is an interesting plant that can be found in Africa, South America and other warm areas around the world.  They are going to produce a wide range of flowers and leaves when they are in bloom.  You may also notice that the leaves are going to look different based on which type of acacia baileyana are actually being grown.

The time of year that they grow as well as the types of flowers that grow are going to also depend on the type of flower that is planted as well.

The acacia baileyana is going to range in colors from cream, a pale yellow to a gold color.  However, some of them may also be a purple color.  You may also notice that some of them are going to have a very light perfume scent that goes along with their blooms.  You may be interested in growing this in your garden as they have been known to work well with other plants.  The size can range from a small flower to a large shrub that will take up a lot of room.  You can prune your plant in order to keep the size of it down.  It is interesting to know that by keeping it pruned, you are also going to be helping it grow and live longer.

You are going to need to plant the acacia baileyana from a seed.  The seeds are going to have a very hard coating on the outside of them.  This is going to be a benefit if you want to store the seeds for a long time. However, if you are ready to plant them, this coating is not going to help.   You will want to take the seeds and place them into a bowl.  You will then want to take some boiling water and pour it over the seeds.  Let them sit for approximately 24 hours.  Once this time has passed, you will notice that the seeds that are ready to be planted are going to move to the top of the water.  Take them out and prepare to plant them.  Repeat this process with the other seeds a second time.

If you do plant this in your garden you are going to want to be aware of some of the pests that can be found living on it.  You may notice that the stem has little pests that will bore into it.  You can take a few mls. of alcohol and place it inside of the stem.  This is going to help you get rid of these pests.  You may also find galls on the plant.  These are not as easy to get rid of but if you take the time to simply remove the stems that have the bugs on them you will be able to get rid of them.

You are going to find that the acacia baileyana makes a good hedge or screen for your home.  You are also going to realize that they can tolerate cooler temperatures.  If you are interested in planting them near your home you may want to spend some time thinking about where they will look the best.  Maybe you have a garage or an unsightly fence that you would like to hide.  This would be the perfect plant to help you hide it.  You are going to really enjoy its large flowers and the wonderful shape of leaves.

This flower is going to grow very well in tropical areas.  You will be amazed at the way it will spread and take over as it begins to grow.  Just keep in mind that you are growing it from a seed so it is going to take some time.  As long as you water the seeds and let them sit, you will find that they are going to grow much faster.  Take the time to look the plant over for pests. You are going to want to take the time to treat for them and remove them if needed.  This is going to help keep your plant healthy and it will also keep the pests from moving to other plants.