Achillea Moonshine

Growing Achillea Moonshine

Yarrow or achillea moonshine is an attractive, flowery plant that blooms during the late summer months. It is an herbaceous perennial and when it blooms it sprouts out clusters of small yellow flowers. Achillea moonshine can reach two feet in height and it can be placed anywhere you need to spruce up an otherwise boring garden. It is a member of the asteraceae family of flowers.

Achillea moonshine is considered hybrid yarrow. It has distinctive gray, green foliage and is known for its tiny clusters of yellow flowers that are attractive and aromatic. If you are thinking about growing this hybrid yarrow, they can be placed just about anywhere. But they are perfect for lining out a garden or bordering a property line. Since these flowers can reach up to two feet they may be a better way to border a garden then a plain bush type plant.

These flowers are simple to grow. But just like any plant, there are a few rules to follow when growing achillea moonshine.

You can start with seedlings or buy a small plant to start out with. If you start with seedlings, you can use small paper cups or yogurt containers to grow the flowers. Fill the containers with soil and place a few seedlings into them. Do not plant then deeply into the soil. Just dust them with soil until they are no longer visible. Lightly water them and keep them in an area that receives sunshine. When the plant reaches around four inches, they can be placed outside in the sunshine for two to three days during the daytime hours, until they get used to being outdoors.

After the plants have gotten used to being outdoors you can replant them. It is a good idea to use the raised garden bed method to do this. These yarrow plants do not like excessive moisture or humidity. So to insure proper draining they must be placed above the ground. Too much moisture or water can damage the root system and even kill your yarrow plants.

Space the plants at least a foot apart from each other. When they are full grown they reach a full two foot. But they also sprout out a full foot and have a tendency to bush out. So you must give each individual plant room to grow. Over crowding any plant can stunt its growth and cause the plant to have to fight for water and even sun. Give them plenty of room, not only for health reasons but also because the plants will last longer and be more attractive in a spaced out setting.

Unlike most perennials that can be planted in the fall or early winter, you should plant achillea moonshine during the spring. Since they do best in a warm and dry climate, you can avoid any water problems by doing this. Winter snow and rain can cause the new plant to rot because of the high moisture content. Freezing snow and ice can kill the new yarrow plant and the excess water can also harm it. So wait until early spring or until the temperature goes above sixty degrees during the day before you start your new yarrow garden.

It is a good idea to replace your yarrow flowers every three years, for a fresh new looking garden. Instead of purchasing the seedlings, you can snip off cuttings from the original plant and place them in a root growing solution. When the plants are ready, you can place them right along side of the older plants. Just make sure that they are all switched out after the three year time period.