Achillea Ptarmica

Growing Achillea Ptarmica

The achillea ptarmica may be grown in your garden if you are able to supply it with the love and attention that it needs. This beautiful flower reminds many people of the daisy and it is great if you are considering using it as a way to decorate your home.  They can be cut and placed into vases for your enjoyment throughout the blooming season.  So, if you think these flowers are a delight to look at, read on. You are going to learn how to grow them on your own.

Your garden will look elegant with these wonderful white flowers.  You are going to need to find the perfect location to plant them in.  They usually grow to be approximately 4 inches tall so you are going to want to keep this in mind when you begin to grow them.  You are also going to need to select a location that is going to get full or partial shade.  They are also going to need soil that will remain moist but will also drain well.  Keep in mind that the roots of this plant can also take over.  Therefore, you may want to plant them in a location by themselves so that they do not harm the root systems of other plants in your garden.

You can grow the achillea ptarmica from a seed or by using the roots from another plant.  If you use a seed, you should plant them in the early spring because they are going to take approximately three months to grow.  They are going to be ready to bloom by June and they will continue to show their beauty until August.  Before winter arrives, you are going to need to cut the flower back to ground level.

In the summer, while they are blooming, you are going to want to encourage new growth.  If you are interested in using them in a flower arrangement or to simply add spice to your home you can cut them and place them in a vase.  It is interesting to know that when you do cut them you are encouraging them to grow even more.  This is a great way to expand their beauty without continually planting new flowers.

The achillea ptarmica is not simply used for their beautiful flowers by many of the people that grow them.  The leaves of the flower have been known to have a lot of different healing properties that you can take advantage of if you are willing to try it.  For example, taking the leaves from the flower and chewing on them can help you if you are experiencing a toothache.  The leaves can also help you repel different types of insects.  Therefore, you can simply cut the flowers and leave them on your patio.  This may help decrease some of the nighttime pests that bother you when you want to relax outside.

Many times when you plant flowers in your garden you are inviting the pests that thrive on them into your garden as well.  It is nice to know that the achillea ptarmica does not attract any certain types of pests and it is not prone to any particular diseases.  This point is just one other benefit of having them in your home and garden.  If you have never had them before, you may want to consider growing them now. You are going to be amazed by their beauty and how well they spread and add life your yard.  They are easy to care for and you will be amazed at how long they last.  As long as you care for them before the cold weather hits you will be able to enjoy them for a long time to come.