Alligator Pear

Facts About the Alligator Pear

The alligator pear is a fruit that has been known to act a lot like a vegetable.  It does not get ripe on the tree and it was once thought to be bad for you.  Actually, this fruit was also avoided by many people because it was once thought to be an aphrodisiac.  People who want to have a good reputation would not purchase the pear because it was thought to make them look bad.  It is easy to see already that this fruit is very interesting.  This article is going to explore its interesting side in a little more detail so that you know what you are really getting when you purchase an alligator pear.

The alligator pear actually has many names.  However, it is believed that it got this name by English people who lived in Jamaica because of its skin.  If you understand this fruit at all you would realize that it is a simple avocado.  Now that you know what we are talking about you are probably thinking about all of the times you have enjoyed an alligator pear and didn’t even realize that was what you were eating.

In the past, it was thought that this fruit was bad for you because of the fat that it contains.  Contrary to this belief, the fat in the avocado is actually good fat that helps the heart remain healthy.  They also have a lot of vitamin E and this helps with your heart as well.  Potassium is very high in the alligator pear.  Many people believe that the banana is the best place to get this.  What is interesting to know is that the alligator pear has 60% more potassium, once for once, compared to the banana.  You are also going to find folic acid and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs packed within this fruit that acts like a vegetable.

There are also several different types of alligator pears that you can purchase for your enjoyment.  The first one that is going to be discussed is the California or Hass avocado.  This one can be found year round.  You are going to notice that is has a rich flavor.  You would probably enjoy having one of these for your guacamole dip but you would probably want to leave it out of your salad.  This is because it will become very soft and mushy fast.  You are going to know when it is ripe because the skin will turn a dark, almost black, color.  Another variety is the reed.  This may be the type that you would like to place into your salad because it is going to remain firm.  If you are interested in a sweeter flavor you may be interested in the bacon avocado.  This is often found in the winter time but it is does not have as much flavor as other types of alligator pears.

By now you probably understand that there are a lot of different uses for the avocado.  It was once used by Indians as a full meal.  It would simply be cut in half and salt was added.  This could still be done today if you enjoy the flavor.  Another option is to cut the alligator pear in half and then fill the inside of the fruit with shrimp or other treasures.  You can often cut the avocado into thick chunks and add it to soup.  This is a unique way to enjoy.  If you want to make them a breakfast meal you could place them into the oven, warm them and then put scrambled eggs over top of them.