Allium Neapolitanum

A Quick Guide to Allium Neapolitanum

Allium neapolitanum may also be called white allium or wood garlic.  You may want to know this if you are considering getting these flowers for your home or garden.  This article is going to explain this flower in a little more detail so that you will know more about the plant.  You are going to see what the flower needs to grow and how to plant it properly.

First of all, the allium neapolitanum originally comes from Southern Europe.  It grows best in zones eight through ten.  It does not do very well with frost so you are going to need to make sure that you are planting it when there is no danger of frost.  You will want to store the bulbs in a cool place until you are ready to plant them.

The bulbs are going to remind you of an onion.  That is what they tend to look like.  You are going to need to plant them in full sun and be sure that you are giving them a lot of water.  You also need to make sure that the soil is going to drain well so that the bulb will not rot if it is getting too much water.

Even though the flower does not do well with frost, the bulb itself will often do just fine as long as it is in the ground and covered well. You are going to want to plant the bulbs in the fall.  You want them to be at least two inches deep, three to six inches apart from each other and you are also going to cover them with a lot of soil. You may also want to think about covering them with some mulch.  That is going to help keep them warm and protected throughout the winter months.  You have an option to also plant the allium neapolitanum in a greenhouse during the winter months.  You can then separate the bulbs when they begin to bloom and you are ready to transplant them into the garden.

In the late spring you will be able to see the end result of all of your hard work.  The flowers are going to be white in color and they are going to be about three inches around.  They are going to be on stems that are one foot long.  You are going to notice that they also smell very good.  You can leave them in your garden or you can cut them off of the stems and bring them into your home.  They look great in a vase.  You also have the option of eating the leaves throughout the winter months.

As you can tell, this flower is very versatile.  It can be a wonderful addition to any home or garden.  The white flowers are very clean and elegant looking.  You do need to remember that it is not going to grow very well if it is planted near alfalfa.  You are going to want to keep that in mind if you are the type of person that has large gardens and you plant unique things.

One good thing about the allium neapolitanum is that it does not attract deer or other types of rodents and pests into your garden.  If you are concerned about other types of diseases and such you can always talk to nursery staff workers.  They are going to be able to tell you what to expect and what you can do if you notice that your flowers are begin damaged.  It is always better to be prepared for any complications so you can save your plants.