Aloe Plant Care

What You Need to Know About Aloe Plant Care

Having an understanding of aloe plant care is very important if you have one of these plants in your home.  You need to know how to care for the plant so that it will grow and thrive.  This information may be new to you if you have never owned an aloe plant before.  So, take your time reading the information and take time to understand it completely.  You want to be happy with your plant and knowing how to take care of it will help decrease stress for you and make the entire experience enjoyable.

Many people will often want to know how often they should water their aloe plant.  There is no definite answer to this question other than the fact that you need to check the soil of your plant.  If it is completely dry then you will want to water the plant.  The aloe plant is not like other plants that want a lot of water.  You can run the risk of actually over watering the aloe plant and killing it.  There are a few signs that are going to let you know that your plant is over watered.  If the leaves on your aloe plant are turning brown or they are mushy, then you know that your plant is getting too much water.  If you are not sure if your plant needs water or not, you may want to leave it and water it the following day.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

When thinking of aloe plant care, you should also think about the amount of direct sunlight that your plant is getting.  If your plant starts to turn pink or tan then it may be getting too much sunlight.  This hurts your plant just like too much water does so you need to be well aware of this as well and take the steps needed to get your plant out of the sun if you are seeing these problems.   Sometimes you may have an aloe plant that gets damaged. This can happen if it is knocked over or someone broke the leaves off.  Your plant will not die from things like this if you take the steps needed to replant it.  As long as your plant remains green you will not have much to worry about and it is likely that your plant will survive.

Aloe plant care must also include the location of where the plant is planted.  As previously mentioned, you do not want the plant to get too much direct sunlight.  However, the plant is actually 95% water.  Because of that, you do not want it to get any frost either.  You are going to need to make sure that the plant is getting some sun and that the soil it is planted in is a soil that is going to drain quickly.  It is true that the aloe plant will survive in drought like conditions.  But, if you are dealing with a new plant you are going to want to make sure it is getting enough water.

When you are planting or repotting your aloe plant you are going to want to purchase a pot that is wider, not necessarily deeper.  This is because the roots of the aloe plant will actually spread wide rather than deep.  Effective aloe plant care depends on proper care and planting.  Fully understanding what the plant needs is going to help the plant last longer.  This is going to result in you being able to enjoy the healing benefits of the plant for a longer amount of time.