Anemone Sylvestris

Tips On Growing Anemone Sylvestris

Many people will often grow anemone sylvestris in their gardens.  They produce large blooms that will often catch the eye of individuals passing by.  They are known to blow back and forth in the wind and they can add a lot of spunk to your garden.  You should also keep in mind that they are going to grow over and over, each year.   This adds to the several benefits that they have.

You have two different options when you decide to plant the anemone sylvestris.  These can be planted inside or outside. You can either plant them in the spring or in the fall.  If you plant them in the spring time you are going to be able to witness their wonderful blooms in the summer.  However, if you plant them in the fall you will be able to look at the amazing colors in the spring.

As you prepare to plant them you are going to want to take the bulbs and place them in a large bowl with a lot of water.  Many people will do this because the water will encourage the bulbs to begin to sprout faster. However, this can also result in mold if they are extremely wet.  Therefore, there are a few things to consider before you begin to soak them in water.  If it has been a very dry summer, then soaking them is going to be a good idea.  However, if it has been really wet and rainy outside you may want to avoid this.  This is because they bulbs may have too much water and then sit in the wet ground. This results in mold and it can cause the bulbs to rot.

When you are selecting a location for the anemone sylvestris you are going to want to select a location that is going to get full sun.  These flowers need all the sun they can get in order to grow to their fullest potential.  You will also want to have a very loose soil that is going to drain well.  Make sure that the bulbs are not packed really tight.  You are also going to want to take some time to mix some peat moss into the soil so that it will have the vitamins and minerals that it needs to grow properly.

Make sure that you are keeping your anemone sylvestris watered during the blooming season.  Remember that they are living in full sun so they are going to need to moisture to help them grow. As they begin to bloom and continue to grow you will be able to cut the flowers off if you would like and place them in vases in your home.  They are going to make your house look dreamy.

If you are going to be planting this flower indoors you are going to need to get a pot that is large enough for them.  You can ask the nursery staff what size they think will do.  You are also going to want to make sure that the pot is in a location that is going to get a lot of sun.  Make sure that you take the time to get the soil ready as well by adding the peat moss to it before you plant the bulbs.  Remember to water them and fertilize them on a regular basis.

The anemone sylvestris is not going to need a lot of care and it is going to grow just fine as long as you keep it watered.  You are going to enjoy these flowers because they are going to continue to grow each year and you are not going to need to do a lot for them.  If you have never planted them before, make this year the time to start.  You will be glad you did.