Aquilegia Alpina

Nostalgic Alpine Memories with the Aquilega Alpina

The aquilegia alpina is a very robust and winter proof flower that is native in climate zones with alpine-like temperatures. The bell shaped flowers are available in many different colors due to the fact that they have been cross-bred over many years. Thus, there are various hybrid versions and some blossom longer than others.

The plant can reach a height between 6 and 35 inches depending on the variety you have chosen. Similarly, the duration and period of flowering varies but all types of aquilegia alpina spread a nostalgic atmosphere and have stunning colors.


As the plant is native in mountain regions, some varieties can actually grow in stone and rocky ground. So if you have many rocks and stones in your garden that may disrupt more delicate plants, you can easily grow an aquilegia alpina!

However, it is best to choose a more common type of soil such as normal gardening soil or peat. Some varieties of aquilegia alpina are also happy to grow in sand; thus, when you purchase the seeds you should also ask what kind of soil is best for the particular type you bought.


It is strongly recommended not to plant the aquilegia alpina in a spot that has direct sunlight for more than a few hours. A semi-shady spot or an area surrounded by larger plants to protect the flower is preferred. You may keep the plant outdoors all year round because it can survive tough winters by drying out and revitalizing in spring.


Especially spring and autumn can be rough for the aquilegia alpina because large variations in temperature and a lot of rain can cause fungus infections. As a preventive method you may use a fungicide during that time, and as the winter comes to an end you may want to add some pesticides. This is because the spring and summer attract many insects that may destroy the weakened plant that needs to recover from frost and cold. Bear in mind that all measures of care that involve chemicals need to be adopted before the blossoming period.

The aquilegia alpina will also multiply and spread by itself which is great if you want to have more every year. If you find that it is getting too much you must trim properly and remove any remaining seeds after the flowering period.

Apart from that, the plant does not need much care and it is important that the soil is permeable to avoid flooding (hence the rocky ground). It is often enough to water the plant once a week or even once in two weeks. It will lose all its leaves in the resting phase where no watering at all is necessary.

Other Tips

Due to the fact that you can predict the size and limitations of the flower you bought you can also keep it indoors in a pot or container. Nevertheless the temperature should not be too hot and the pot should be moved away from direct sunlight after a few hours.

A good way to keep it in a pot is by adding pebbles into the soil which replaces the rocks and stones that are so important to lead excess water away from the roots. This is also applicable in the garden where you may add pebbles as a type of mulch. Especially if your garden has a very heavy and rich soil you must take care of this issue as the aquilegia alpina is very likely to develop a bad fungus infection if it is exposed to too much water.