Asian Pear Tree

All about the Asian Pear Tree

The Asian pear tree is going to be a great addition to your garden or orchard.  It is going to produce beautiful blooms when it is not producing its fruit.  When the fruit is being produced, it is going to taste like a cross between a pear and an apple.  You are going to really enjoy having this tree within your reach so you can experience its beauty all year long.

You can plant the Asian pear tree any time you would like as long as the ground is not frozen and you can work with the soil.  This is good to know because you will not have to wait until a certain time of the year to purchase the plant and start the growing process.  It is important to be sure that you have selected a place that is going to get full sun.  This is best for your tree to grow.

Once you have selected the location for your Asian pear tree, you are going to need to prepare the hole for the tree.  You are going to want to dig a hole that is actually wider than it is going to be deep.  Just remember to make sure that it is actually deep enough for the roots to fit down into the hole.  Make sure that you have a hose or bucket of water ready at this time. You are going to want to dampen the soil at the bottom of the hole.  This is very important to remember.

Once your Asian pear tree has been placed into the hole you will want to fill it back in with soil. You will need to make a moat around the soil so that water will collect there for your tree.  You will want to fill it with water but be sure to do it slowly.  This is going to ensure that the water is seeping down deep into the hole and getting to the roots of the tree.  You are going to need to make sure that the tree is getting plenty of water and it is remaining damp down to the roots of the plant.  You may notice that the soil is dry on the top but you do not want it to dry out down deep at the roots.

You will want to help shape your Asian pear tree the first few years that you have it.  This is going to help it grow in the shape you want.  Other than that, you will not need to worry about shaping the tree at all.  It is not going to need any pruning like you would need to do with a cherry tree.  You can also consider growing these trees close to each other if you are planting more than one.  This is because they are actually very narrow trees, even as they grow and mature.

You are going to notice that the Asian pear tree is going to produce a lot of fruit.  This is good for you but it can be bad for your tree.  You do not want it to become too heavy and over loaded.  Therefore, you are going to want to take the time to remove some of the fruit from the tree so that it is not longer clustered and you only have one Asian pear tree in each location.  This is going to help keep your tree strong and healthy.  You can enjoy this fruit a number of different ways so taking the time to gather your harvest on a regular basis is going to be the best thing for you as well.