Autumn Blaze Maple


Autumn Blaze Maple: Add Beauty and Value To Your Landscape

It’s not hard to figure out where the Autumn Blaze Maple gets its name. As summer turns to fall each year, this tree’s normally green canopy dons a deep red color that seems to burn against the horizon.



Autumn Blaze (Acer freemanii) is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and the Red Maple. It is an excellent choice for planting in many places since it grows quickly and easily. Displaying the best qualities of each of its parent trees, the Autumn Blaze variety is at once visually stunning and hardy.

A healthy, well-placed, mature Autumn Blaze can increase the value of your property and add an eye-catching element to your outdoor area. It is deciduous, so it will show lush green in the summer and - after its fiery fall display - will drop its leaves for winter.

These trees are highly popular, and are favored by urban foresters and planning officials because they are not only extremely attractive, but also very resistant to pests and disease. The branches are strong and able to resist breakage from snow, wind, and even from people hanging on them.

Planting Your Autumn Blaze Maple

If you plant your autumn blaze maple with care, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful tree for many years.