Azalea Tree

Choosing a Long Blooming Azalea Tree

While a common Azalea tree will only bloom for a few months, there are some that bloom for far longer. Azalea trees and bushes look lovely even when they are all green. When they bloom, however, they bring beautiful splashes of color to your landscaping design.

By choosing the right variety of Azalea tree, you can have blooms that last all but a few months of the year! Below is a description of some of the varieties available that will provide the longest lasting blooms.

Autumn Angel

The Autumn Angel produces snowy white flowers that are fragrant and large enough to be suitable for cutting and using in flower arrangements. This is good choice for those who may not have such a green thumb, as this Azalea tree requires very little attention and maintenance.

Once it is planted in an area where it will get at least partial sunlight, you can pretty much forget it. Of course, if you do choose to add a fertilizer, you will yield even more impossibly white blooms!

Autumn Debutante

While others will have to wait until spring for a replay of the blooming beauty by their Azaleas, if you choose the Autumn Debutante, you will have three such displays each year.

Pretty pink flowers just about cover the plant in spring, summer and fall! During the winter, the forest green leaves provide their own type of beauty, and look even more wonderful when dotted with fresh snow.

As with the Autumn Angel, no fertilizer is needed. However, adding some will only make this tree even more beautiful.

Autumn Embers

Need a little red in your landscape design? Autumn Embers will give you plenty of it! These Azaleas go from green to bright red when blooming. The best part is that they bloom more than once. Just when you thought the show was over for the year, the Autumn Embers Azalea tree will show her true colors again.

Autumn Royalty

It may be tough to pinpoint exactly how this Azalea got its name. Could it be the purple pink flowers? Maybe the name was given as a nod to how tough the plant is, or that it will bloom for up to nine months a year?

This is another great choice for people who may not have the greenest of thumbs. Once the Autumn Royalty Azalea tree is planted, you will not have to fuss over it at all. Even if you never do a thing to it, you will notice bright and beautiful flowers. If you do choose to add a little fertilizer, you will have even bigger flowers.

Each of the flowers mentioned in this article will do well in zones six through ten. If you live in a different zone, you can still give these trees a shot. You may not experience the full nine months of blooms, but you will never know how the plant will perform in your zone until you give it a try.

Big, beautiful blooms that will last most of the year sounds like every gardeners dream. The above mentioned Azaleas just might make those dreams come true!