Balcony Plants

All about Balcony Plants

Balcony plants are one of the greatest joys of many people who live in city apartments. There is nothing like a balcony for giving a person a taste of the outdoors even though they are confined within an apartment building and maybe even in a high-story apartment. Balcony plants are great for relieving stress plus you can even grow herbs, vegetables, or fruit to eat if you are so inclined.

Any garden that can be created in a yard can also be created on a balcony. The kinds of balcony plants that will do well will depend on what direction your balcony faces and how much sun or wind it receives. You also need to choose a goal for your balcony before deciding on which plants to get. Do you want a cozy place to relax? Do you want to raise food to eat? Do you want a spectacular display of flowers? Do you want to grow herbs in containers for cooking or medicinal use? Do you simply want to keep people from neighboring buildings from looking in your apartment windows?

Your answers to these sorts of questions will determine what kind of plants you would like--dwarf landscape trees, fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, small shrubs or bushes. Containers are one of the best ways to grow balcony plants. You can get containers in all types of sizes so that you can arrange the area for the best use of space. If you want perennials, you might even be able to plant kinds which can make it through the winter. Wooden planters are the best for perennials as they hold more soil and will not crack or split if you happen to live in a cold area.

Ideas for balcony plants can include small conifers also planted in wooden containers. These will always look great especially near the winter holidays. If you like climbing flowers, they make trellises which are easily adapted to balconies. If you have lots of sun, you can plant all types of brightly colored flowers that would normally grow in an outside garden. You can try petunias, geraniums, nasturtiums or verbena. Or, if you have lots of shade, try boxwood, ivies, impatiens or evergreens, bushes and shrubs.

With different size planters, you can have all kinds of vertical scenarios with balcony plants, such as plants on different levels. In fact, some people have such well-designed balconies plant-wise, that you actually think that you may have walked into a backyard garden. You can have ferns, broadleaf evergreens, begonias, and even roses if you have the right climate.

You will have to pay particular attention to watering balcony plants. Because they are outside instead of inside they can dry out quicker. Herbs also need more attention than other plants. You also can’t forget to fertilize balcony plants just like you would if they were in an outside garden. You can use hanging planters in a balcony which you most likely could not use outdoors. So, you can have any kind of hanging plant or trailing vine as well.

With balcony plants, go for a look which is not too bright, clashing or showy. Also remember that plants have fragrances, so don’t overwhelm a small space with too many scents or smells that don’t go well together. With a little attention to space and color, you can spend you free time truly relaxing in your balcony garden.