Bamboo Seeds

How To Grow Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo seeds can actually be pretty hard to come by since the plants are so inconsistent with their flowering and seeding.  The hardiness of bamboo is always determined by what season it is when you plant the seeds and the actual age of the seed.  Be warned, seedlings can die very easily so these are not plants that everyone is successful with but once they actually get going, they typically require very little care.

In the 1970s, the giant pandas were brought to the United States who were fed these beautiful and intriguing bamboo plants, which caused an explosion in popularity with them.  Another reason they are so appealing is that they have been known to grow 20 feet in just one season!

There are virtually hundreds of varieties of bamboo seeds.  They come from plants that usually fall under one of two groups being running or clumping.  The running varieties spread their roots wide and far and are considered invasive in many areas but the clumping type generally grows within its designated area.

Bamboo seeds can be grown either inside or outside.  It is a lucky symbol and just having these plants in and around your home are said to bring you good fortune and love.

Growing From Seed

To grow bamboo plants from seed you will need perlite soil, peat moss, plastic container with a lid, water, spray bottle, shovel, small pots, all purpose fertilizer and bamboo seeds.

Planting Bamboo in Water

Lucky bamboo is the only variety of the bamboo family that can be planted in water.  All you need is a container, marbles or rocks, water and a young lucky bamboo.  When you choose your container, keep in mind that they prefer ones of smaller size because they enjoy being root bound.  A glass vase or jar or a ceramic mug are ideal to start your plant.