Bermuda Grass Care

What You May Want to Know About Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda grass care is generally easy to complete it is just time consuming.  Understanding what you need to do with your grass and how to care for it properly is going to allow it to grow green and healthy so that it is not going to be damaged by the weather.  This article is going to explain some of the techniques and such that you should keep in mind while you are growing or taking care of Bermuda grass.

Bermuda grass care is important for individuals that live in southern areas where there are warmer climates.  This is where the grass is going to grow the best.  This type of grass does well in very sunny areas.  It does not grow well in shady areas.  It can withstand drought conditions as well as being walked on frequently and being treated roughly by animals and pets.  The Bermuda grass will also spread very well on its own.  This type of grass is known to spread from above ground as well as below ground.  This is good for some people because it will cover your ground well.  However, it can also spread into flower beds and cause complications with other plants.

If you are going to be using a fertilizer on your grass you are going to want to use a machine to help you make sure that it is spread out evenly around your yard.  When it is fertilized evenly you know that it is going to grow properly and evenly.  You do need to make sure that you are paying attention to where the fertilizer is being spread.  You do not want any fertilizer to be thrown into flower beds and such.  This may kill certain types of flowers that you have.  If your goal is to make your yard look beautiful you may want flowers to help with this.  You do not want to kill them in the process of making your grass look nice.

With Bermuda grass care, I would like to recommend that you do not cut it to short.  This is especially true when the grass is in a dormant phase and is not actually growing.  If you are mowing it to short you may be inviting weeds into the yard.  If you are experiencing a drought or dry conditions in your area, you are going to want to decrease the frequency of mowing your yard.  When you do cut your grass, you will want to move the blade up approximately two inches to help decrease any damage.

If you find that your Bermuda is crunchy then it is most likely going to need to be watered more frequently.  You should keep an eye on this because even the grass can handle drought like conditions, it is going to need to be water from time to time if it is going to be without water for a really long time.  You are trying to create healthy, lush, green grass.  You do not want to neglect the grass and ruin your progress.  Also, with Bermuda grass care, it is recommended that you water it one time per week.  This is going to help your grass grow down deeper. This gives you a much thicker and healthier grass. This should be what you are looking for.  This is also going to help your grass be prepared for the next drought.  You will want to water the grass with about six inches of water.  If you notice that the water is running off of the grass, you will want to move to a new location.  You will water somewhere else and then return to the first area.  Be sure that you are watering to the six inch mark over your entire yard.