Black Baccara Rose

Facts About the Black Baccara Rose

One of the most unique roses on the market includes the Black Baccara rose. This rose gets it name from the black-like color that this plant embodies before the blooms open up; however, once it opens the color is more of a dark blue or dark red color. Regardless, this rose makes a perfect treat for your significant other who loves unique flowers and objects, but is typically used for funerals as well as memorials. Throughout the article we will discuss further the Black Baccara rose, including technical aspects and care.



Many people plant these beautiful roses within their gardens to compliment the other, light colored roses. They also look great in floral arrangements with white roses, providing a nice contrast. Furthermore, they tend to last quite a while in a vase making them a better option for your money. However, do not purchase these flowers in search of the commonly loved rose smell—they do not exhibit a botanical smell at all.

Although may prefer to have it in the garden, believe it or not, this rose is not exactly easy to grow may be more susceptible to a variety of diseases. However, it does bloom all throughout the summer months as well as the beginning of the fall; these roses will be a round for quite a while, adding great uniqueness to your garden. Most people absolutely love this rose for its rarity and dark hues.

Falling into the class of the Hybrid Tea, this plant typically grows to about four to six feet in height. It is recommended that when planting you allot for about two feet to three feet in space between other plants. Generally these plants do best in hardiness zones ranging from 7b to 11.

Lacking fragrance, these roses are not like the typical rose you are accustomed to seeing. Their blooms are in the “double tea” shape and needs to be pruned in order to assist with proper growth. In terms of soil, this plant prefers acidity environments as opposed to alkaline. Specifically, the Black Baccara rose does best with 5.6 to 6.5 pH levels. It is bested used as a border plant. However, this temperamental rose can be relatively difficult to grow making it more common in floral shops instead of in the usual garden. If you do not live in a relative warm, dry area, attempting to grow this rose is not recommended and may prove to be a waste of time.

Many people wonder if this rose is truly black and the quick answer is “no.” However, the rose is extremely dark red with dark blue patches. The buds are velvet to the touch and look very close to black in color. The sun plays a direct role in the actual hue of the plant.
Note that before ordering this rose for someone special, it has a very dramatic appearance and should be used for these types of situations. Therefore, if you are with someone that prefers things that are traditional, this rose will not be a great choice. However, if the person you are with values uniqueness you have come to the right place.

In the end, these roses are magnificent and completely unique in comparison to most roses. Although lacking in smell, they are velvet like and last a surprisingly long time in a vase. However, there dark persona may make people a bit weary of purchasing these roses for big events, like Valentines Day. Including these roses with lighter-colored roses, such as white, is a great way to do include someone unique in the midst of a traditional boutique. Furthermore, you actually may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.