Black Magic Roses

Information on Black Magic Roses

Black magic roses are hybrid tea roses.  They are not actually black but rather they are burgundy in color.  In some lights they may look black and they are the darkest red that a rose has ever been.  This may be why many people are fascinated with them and think that they are so beautiful.

Black magic roses were created in Germany by crossing the red velvet and the Dallas rose.  They are often seen as a symbol of love and they may even be used in wedding bouquets.  A real black rose has never been produced even though it has been tried.  However, they are often seen in films and are often thought to be a symbol of death.  It is easy to see that the black magic rose is the opposite of this and many people find them completely breathtaking.  You should know that it does not have a strong scent like a regular rose though.

If you are good at growing flowers you may want to give black magic roses a try.  This may be accomplished but you are first going to need to live in a warm climate.  When they grow they are going to be approximately three feet tall.  The rose bush can be five or six feet high if it is grown in the right conditions.  They need to be planted in a location that is going to get a lot of sun and they are very needy.  You are going to need to give it a lot of care.

You will want to find a soil that is going to drain well when you decide to plant one of these.  You are also going to need to fertilize it when you first plant it and continue doing this throughout the summer months as well.  You are going to spend a lot of time watering them and you are going to need to make sure that it is getting water clear down to the roots of the plant.

In the spring time you are going to need to prune your black magic rose bush.  You will do this in order to get it ready for the new summer blooms.  Another reason that you want to prune them is so that they are getting good air circulation throughout the entire plant.  Mulch is also strongly recommended during the winter months.  This rose is very fragile and it is recommended that it not be grown below zone six because the conditions are not right for it to grow.  You will also want to avoid growing it inside because the air is not appropriate for it and it will not thrive.  

Black magic roses are beautiful and many people love the color that they have.  They can be sent to people for different occasions and may be seen as the ultimate declaration of love.  You can research them on the internet and find out how you can send them if you are interested in purchasing them.  You can also find out if you can actually grow them in your location.

Because they are often used in flower arrangements for weddings and special occasions you can talk to a florist in your area and see if they have them available.  If they do not have them on location they may be able to get them for you.  Keep in mind that roses are often expensive in the first place.  Black magic roses may be even more expensive, especially if they need to be specially ordered and delivered to the florist before the arrangements can be made.  Be sure to ask about price before you commit to anything.