Bleeding Heart Vine

How to Grow Bleeding Heart Vine

Bleeding Heart Vine is a beautiful twining, tropical vine plant; there are over 400 different species of this plant. There are tree and bush varieties, as well as climbing vines and more. These are summer flowers that originate in the warm climates of West Africa.




The blossoms of the Bleeding Heart Vine are white and red clusters; the leaves on this vine are about 5 to 7 inches in length and are dark green in color. This plant is great for growing in containers, especially in hanging baskets. This plant will produce an abundance of flowers that bloom all year long, though they do tend to blossom more during the spring.

If you intend to grow Bleeding Heart Vine you will have to do so with care; this is a tropical plant that will take some care to flourish.

Bleeding Heart Vine is one of the most beautiful flowering vines there is, but it can be difficult to find. If you would like to grow this plant but cannot find it in your local nursery, you can ask the nursery about ordering some of these plants. Another option is to order over the Internet.

The Bleeding Heart Vine is a great way to add beauty and color to your garden or home.