Butterfly Bush Care


Helpful Tips On Butterfly Bush Care

Butterfly bush care is fairly easy, which is one of the reasons that many gardeners like this type of bush. The butterfly bush is well known for its hardiness, as it can withstand many conditions that would normally kill other types of plants.



The butterfly bush is suited for dryer climates due to the fact that they are drought tolerant, in addition to this; they also do well in cities because the pollution of urban areas does not seem to have an effect on this plant.

Butterfly bush care mainly consists of watering and pruning. You will want to be sure to water your bush on a regular basis, especially during the hot summer months. This is especially true when the bush is newly planted. Once the butterfly bush is well established you can water as little as once every few weeks. Although this bush is drought resistant, it is never good to let it go too long without water, but at the same time you will not want to water too much as this can also cause damage to the butterfly bush.

During the spring it is a good idea to add a light fertilizer to ground soil around the butterfly bush. A fertilizer such as Miracle Grow will work great. This will help the bush to grow and thrive during the summer months.

Of all of the steps you can take to care for your butterfly bush, aside from watering, the single most important step is to ensure you have a beautiful flowering bush is to prune it. Proper pruning is an essential part of butterfly bush care; it can make all the difference in if your bush is sparse, or full of lovely blooms.

Proper pruning of the butterfly bush requires that it be pruned at the right time of the year; in addition, there should be just enough trimming that it will encourage new growth of the bush.

The best time to prune your butterfly bush is in early spring, about March or April. Of course this will depend on what region you live in, if you are in a region where spring comes late, you will have to adjust the time when you prune.

The key to trimming your butterfly bush is making sure that you trim it enough, and knowing how much is enough, may not be easy. Most people have a tendency to do too little pruning, when in reality proper butterfly bush care requires that you trim the bush a lot. In fact, while you are trimming you will want to trim more than what you think you should. If you stop when you believe that you have pruned enough, you will probably not have trimmed enough of the bush. A good guideline would be to prune the bush to several inches from the ground.

If you do not trim enough, you’ll find that the bush will not flower nearly as good as it should. Just be sure that you don’t trim it all the way down to the ground.

Some additional steps you can take to ensure that your butterfly bush is getting the best of care include planting the bush in full sunlight, this will help to bring out more blooms come spring. You will also want to be sure that the area around the bush is free of weeds and other debris.

Butterfly bushes will bloom in June and July, attracting a variety of different butterflies to its foliage, which is how this bush got its name. With proper butterfly bush care, this plant will be a great addition to your yard, adding beauty every summer.