Cabbage Seeds

How to Plant and Care for Cabbage Seeds

Cabbage seeds may be on your store list if you are interested in planting cabbage in your garden this year. They are going to do very well if you are planting them with dill, mint or rosemary.  You are going to find that planting cabbage seeds may take some time and effort but it is worth it in the long run.  This article is going to help you determine how to plant the seeds and how to take care of your crops.

You are going to want to select a location that is going to get a lot of sun.  You are also going to need to have soil that will hold moisture and is going to have a pH level of 6.0 to 6.5.  You will want to plant your cabbage seeds in the late spring.  Do not worry about having another frost because the seeds will be able to survive if you do.

You are going to want to plant the cabbage seeds as deep as one half of an inch but you will not want to go any less than one quarter of an inch.  You are going to want to keep the seeds approximately one inch apart and have them in rows that are about three inches apart.  You may want to consider getting some row covers from the local nursery. This is going to help keep worms out of your garden and away from your cabbage seeds.  You do not want them to be damaged before they even have an opportunity to grow.

You will need to keep your cabbage seeds well watered.  This is very important for helping them grow.  You are going to be amazed at how fast they are going to begin to sprout through the soil once you get them planted.  The water is only going to help this move along even faster.  You will want to give your cabbage seeds some fertilizer in order to help them continue growing. You are going to want to do this every two weeks.  You can talk to the staff at the local nursery and they are going to be able to let you know which fertilizer is going to be best for your cabbage seeds.

Growing cabbage is not that difficult as long as you remember to water them and you have given them enough space to grow. You are going to find that the heads are not going to get very large if you have them planted to close together.  This is not going to be an issue if you have started them indoors with one seed to each carton.  Once you move them outside, be sure to give them the space that they need.

You can find cabbage seeds just about anywhere.  They are not going to take long to sprout and you are going to have a wonderful harvest as long as you are giving them the water, sunlight and fertilizer that they need. You are also going to want to purchase a test kit for your soil before you plant your seeds. You want to make sure that the pH is correct.  If it is off, you can always take the time to check with the nursery staff about what you can do in order to correct it.  Also, if you are not interested in doing that, you could spend some time on the internet researching this problem.

It is very easy to grow things on your own in this day in age.  There is a wealth of knowledge available to anyone that is looking for it.  Even if you have never planted cabbage seeds before, you are going to find out just how easy it is.  You are going to be very pleased with the end result when you are finished.