Campanula Persicifolia

Information on Caring for the Campanula Persicifolia

The campanula persicifolia is an amazing cup shaped flower that is going to be produced on long stems.  The flowers are going to be different shades of blue or whit.  You are going to want to plant it in an area that is going to get full sun.  It is very important to be sure that the soil in that location is also going to drain well.  These are just a few things to remember when you are caring for the campanula persicifolia.

When you begin selecting a location for your flower you are going to need to consider what type you actually have.  If you have the taller variety you can plant them in the garden.  If you have purchased the smaller varieties you will want to plant them along a path or around some trees in your yard where you will be able to see them and admire them. You do not want to plant them in a location where they are going to be lost and covered by other flowers.  However, if you have purchased the type that will often trail you may want to think about placing them in hanging baskets.

You will want to make sure that the soil in the area where you are planting is actually moist.  Try to make a ball with the soil.  If you can not accomplish this task, you are going to want to get some compost and begin working it into the soil.  This is going to help make it moister.  You should also purchase a test kid so that the ph will be 4.5 to 7.5.  Before you actually place the campanula persicifolia into the ground, you will also want to take the time to place some time released fertilizer into the soil so that they plants will get the food that they need to survive.

You are going to want to give the flower plenty of water. This is very important when you first plant the flower.  The flower is going to need at least one inch of water each week for the first few years after you plant it.  You are going to want to continue to check the soil to make sure that it is remaining moist.  This is very important because the flower is going to need a lot of water.  

If you are doing everything just as mentioned throughout this article, you may notice that your flowers are beginning to take over in the location where they were planted.  You are going to want to think about separating the flower and dividing it up into different locations.  You will need to complete this task in the fall months and you will probably need to do this by the third year.  While this may sound like a pain, it is a great way to spread the beauty without starting over or purchasing new plants.

You are not going to find a lot of pests on these flowers.  Rabbits and deer are not going to bother them so that is a plus.  You may also find that the colorful flowers attract humming birds.  This makes them a great addition to your garden if you enjoy watching the humming birds.  It is always nice when you can take in the wonderful sites of the garden and observe beautiful butterflies and humming birds.  It makes sitting on the porch that much more enjoyable.

The next time you are looking for something unique to plant in the garden, you should consider the campanula persicifolia.  Just as long as you are giving it plenty of water and fertilizer, you are not going to have any difficulties caring for this plant.   So, give it a try.  It is so versatile that you will not be disappointed.