Campanula Poscharskyana

All about the Campanula Poscharskyana

The campanula poscharskyana is an amazing flower that will grow nice and tall and produce light lavender-blue flowers.  This is a wonderful addition to any garden because it is going to bloom in the spring and in the summer.  It is going to add a lot of color to the garden for a long time.  It may be something that you should consider planting if you are looking for a flower that it is going to bloom without much work.

You are going to notice that it is going to produce a lot more flowers in the summer months when it is getting more sun and the nights are shorter.  While you are deciding where you want to place the campanula poscharskyana you are going to want to find a location that is going to keep the flower out of the direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.  This high heat can actually kill the plant.  Keep this in mind when you are selecting a location.

You will want to make sure that you have fertilizer for the campanula poscharskyana and you are giving it the fertilizer that it needs every two weeks.  You have a few options related to the type of fertilizer that you are giving it.  You can either have fertilizer that is going to need to be worked into the soil or you can purchase the type that is added to your water and then given to the plants.

You are going to want to give the campanula poscharskyana a lot of water.  However, you are going to want to make sure that the water is fresh and has not been sitting out for a long time.  Stagnant water can actually harm the leaves and hurt the flower in the long run.  Therefore, you should always use fresh water.  It is also important to remember that strong winds can kill the plant as well.  You will want to consider selecting a location that is slightly sheltered from the wind if you live in a windy location.

Your flowers may grow well in the winter because it can withstand colder temperatures.  However, you may want to consider transplanting it into pots and moving it indoors when it begins to get really cold outside.  You can leave it in the pots and keep them moist.  You may even want to think about placing them in the basement or garage and leaving them under a lamp for heat and simulated sunshine.

You are not going to notice any serious diseases with this plant.  You may, however, find small snails and slugs in the garden near the flowers.  If you are concerned that the snails and slugs may harm other plants in your garden you can find different sprays to help remove them.  Just be sure that what you purchase is safe for your garden.

This flower can be a wonderful addition to any home. You can plant them in window boxes or in a rock garden.  They are often grown at the top of walls as they will fall down over the wall and add color and decoration to that area.  Many people will also plant the campanula poscharskyana along their walkways as a way to add elegance and attractiveness to the stone.

If you have never planted this flower before, you may want to take a look at your garden and your yard.  Do you have location that is going to support this flower and add a splash of life to your home?  You are going to be impressed with how well it grows and how easy it is to take care of.  Try planting it this year.  You will be glad you did.