Caring For Roses

Tips On Caring for Roses

Caring for roses really does not have to be as difficult as people make it out to be.  Some people will avoid growing roses in their gardens because they believe that they are going to be very difficult to care for.  The fact of the matter is that if you follow a few simple steps and tricks of the trade you will be just fine.  This article is going to briefly explain some of the things that you can do in order to help you maintain your roses and keep them beautiful.

You will want to prune your roses in the early spring time when they are just starting to grow new buds.  It is best to start by looking for any of the branches or rose buds that appear to be dying.  Once you have cut all of these off you will need to take the time to cut off the rest of the branches, leaves four or five of them that appear to be very healthy.

Once you have taken the time to prune your rose bush you are going to want to think about fertilizer.  It is important to give your roses a lot of fertilizer because they need it to grow and look healthy.  You have two options when you are considering fertilizer for your roses.  You can either place the slow released type into the soil or you can take the time to give them some liquid fertilizer every several weeks.  If you are going to use the liquid type you may want make a note on your calendar so that you do not forget to do it.

While you are caring for roses you will want to be sure that you are giving them enough water.  Keep in mind that they are going to need approximately one inch of water each week.  It is possible to purchase some type of a measuring device so that you can measure the amount of rainfall you have been getting.  If it has not measured at least one inch for the week, you will want to water them.

You always have the option of placing mulch around your roses.  This is going to help keep them moist and it is going to help decrease the amount of weeds that are around the roses.  Caring for roses can become time consuming if you have to pull weeds from around them in order to keep them beautiful.  Mulch can help decrease this task and it makes your flower bed look better.

So far, caring for roses is a relatively easy task as long as you water and fertilize.  However, you also want to carry out a task called deadheading.  This means that you will want to take some time going through your roses and removing the buds that are brown or dead.  You will simply pull the bud off of the stem.  This is going to help the rose bush extend its energy into growing new blooms.

You will need to stop giving your rose bushes fertilizer approximately one month before autumn begins.  You do not want your roses to continue growing and then get damaged by any cold weather.  It is also important to take soil and cover the rose bushes. You are going to mound this soil a few inches above the base of the plant.  Then you will need to cover the upper parts of the bush before it gets any colder. You can talk to your local gardening center about what you can use to wrap them.  Next spring you will remove the soil and wrap and start the entire process all over again.