Casablanca Lilies

Casablanca Lilies: A General Overview

When one takes into consideration their romantic aroma and dazzling blossoms, it is no wonder that Casablanca lilies are such a popular choice for wedding centerpieces. These stunning flowers have been staples of celebrity gardens and have also been featured in several home decorating magazines as room focal points when presented in a bouquet. The next time you’re planning a wedding or hosting a large party, you may wish to adorn your tables with a flower whose very meaning is “celebration.”





Physical Description

Like their meaning would suggest, Casablanca lilies literally look like a fanfare for a celebration. Reaching up to 10” in diameter, these vibrant flowers resemble trumpets that one would see lining the entryway walls at a royal banquet. The large flowers are mostly white, and feature six oversized petals. Down the center of each petal are tiny dots that give the appearance of a slightly cream colored hue to the flower’s innermost parts. Springing forth from the center of the blossom are bright red stamens that add a splash of color and an air of whimsy.

As one may suspect, flowers this large in diameter are going to require larger stems and plants to support them. It is no surprise then, that a Casablanca lily plant may grow anywhere from 4 – 5 feet in height. This allows the flower to be a focal point for any home garden, since the plants will not be dwarfed by commonplace shrubs or smaller potted plants.

Unlike many other eye-catching flowers, Casablanca lilies not only have an aroma, but boast a very strong, sweet aroma that has inspired eau de colognes. Many people choose to keep these flowers in their gardens or purchase a few from their florist to enhance the smell of their home and boost aromatherapy effectiveness.

How to Grow Casablanca Lilies

While many people opt to head for the florist in order to get a few Casablanca lilies for a short-term table piece, it is possible to cultivate and propagate them in your own garden or large ornamental pot. You will need to purchase a good lily fertilizer and gardening manure in order to give the bulbs the best chances at thriving possible.

If planting outside, you will need to prepare the ground soil. These lilies prefer soil that is a little acidic, so you may need to adjust pH levels using fertilizers, etc in order to provide a good start. Dig down deep enough so that you provide your bulbs with soft, freshly turned soil that won’t hinder growth.

Before the first freeze of the year, make sure you have all the supplies you need, and go ahead and purchase your bulbs.  Put a good layer of the manure into each hole, and place one bulb per hole with the pointy side at the top. You will want to fill these holes now with good soil, but make sure that there are no rocks or debris that will get in the sprouts’ way.

As soon as you see the first signs of sprouts popping up from the earth, you will want to add a little fertilizer to further encourage growth. Make sure that the plants get plenty of sunlight, and are watered well, but not overzealously. Fertilize again right before the first flowering, and if you notice that growth has reached a plateau from too much rainfall, you should supplement again with more fertilizer to replenish lost nutrients.

Whether or not you are getting ready to walk down the aisle, or simply want to improve your curb appeal, Casablanca lilies are just what the doctor ordered.