Celosia Flower

All about the Celosia Flower

The celosia flower has also been called the cockscomb in the past.  Therefore, if you have even heard of a cockscomb, you were actually learning about the celosia flower.  You will want to know this just in case you are searching for this flower and you need to know what else it may be called.  It is usually going to be found in several different colors and they are going to range from a dark color to a golden yellow color.  If you are interested in planting these in your garden, you are going to need to determine what color is going to look best.

Many people are going to find the celosia flower very enjoyable because it is not going to need a lot of attention once it has been planted.  However, you are going to need to pay attention to what type you have purchased.  This is going to be very important because some of them can grow to be approximately 30 inches tall while others will only be one foot.  You are going to need to know how tall your plant is actually going to get so that you can select the proper location for your plant.

You are going to notice that the celosia flower is going to grow in the summer and continue blooming into the autumn months.  This is another positive characteristic that makes it very enjoyable to have.  When you find a flower that is going to grow that much and does not require much work, it is worth checking it out.  Once they have grown and been in bloom, you have several options related to what you are going to do with the plant once it has bloomed. You can leave it in the garden, cut it and place them in a vase, or you can even dry them and decorate your home with them that way.

You are going to need to place them in a full sun area in order for them to grow.  They need this sunlight and it is very important that they get it.  You are also going to need to make sure that the soil they are planted in is going to drain well.  Take the time to purchase some compost that can also be worked into the soil before you plant them.  They are going to need this as well.

If you are starting the celosia flower in the seed form, you are going to want to take the time and start them indoors first.  Do this in the early spring.  You will watch them and nurture them until they have started to grow. Then you will move them outside when you are sure that they will withstand any harsh weather that may present itself.  You are going to need to keep them watered on a regular basis until they have started to grow and bloom.  Once this has happened, you will only need to water the celosia flower one time a week.  However, if you are experiencing really hot temperatures or it has not been raining, you may want to water the plant a little bit more.

The celosia flower is very interesting and it can add a lot of bold colors to your garden.  You can always talk to the nursery staff to find out where your flower will look the best.  You are going to want to make sure that you also educate yourself about any different pests or diseases that may be found on the flower.  It is best to be prepared for any complications that can arise so that you will know how to handle them.  You do not want to take a chance of any bugs moving throughout your garden and harming other plants.