Cherry Blossom Branches

Top 5 Uses for Cherry Blossom Branches

Cherry blossom branches are becoming an extremely popular trend in a variety of different areas throughout the United States. The branches from the tree that is very symbolic in most Asian countries are now making their way to the mainstream. These beautifully decorated branches are being used for multiple purposes, ranging from being a popular wedding theme to making a fashion statement. Throughout the article we will examine the top five uses of cherry blossom branches in today’s society.

One of the most current trends is the use of these branches as being the center theme for a ton of weddings, especially if the wedding is held during the spring or summer months. With weddings moving toward more brown and pink, brown and fuchsia, white and pink colors, etc., these blossoms make a great decorative accessory that can be used for everything from centerpieces on the reception table to the cake itself. These branches are very feminine in nature, as are most weddings since the emphasis is being placed up on the bride. Furthermore, these branches can be posted on a variety of paper products ranging from flowers and invitations to wedding favors such as fans. There truly is no limit to the use of the cherry blossom branches in the contemporary wedding scene.

Another fad as of late has been exploring the life of those with a green thumb. Many people are getting into the gardening routine and trying to create beautiful yet unique gardens. Along with these gardens comes a look into other countries and incorporating those plants into an oriental-themed area. Anyone taking a leisurely stroll through his or her local Botanical Gardens will also see a Japanese or Asian-themed garden located within. Between the cherry blossom tree and the bonsai, there are a variety of different flowers and trees that can help create the ideal foreign garden. Be sure to add a popular water feature, such as a fountain, to make this garden complete.

The third popular use for cherry blossom branches includes their use in home décor. You are able to find these branches posted on everything one could imagine to go within your home. For example, they are available to enhance your entire bedroom. Not only can you find them printed on your bedspread, but also they are likely to come on rugs and in the form of wall art. You can even add these branches to a vase within your bedroom to continue with the theme.

The final two uses for these branches are in the form of body art. Recently there has been a huge appeal to tattoos throughout the country. Many people love getting oriental saying and symbols on their body for the meanings that are commonly associated with these items. For the cherry blossom, in Asian countries these branches can mean anything from life, love, and affection to femininity. Therefore, many people are having these branches placed upon them for their look as well as the underlying meaning, which may be even more personal to the individual who picks the tattoo. The final use falls into the category as making a fashion statement. Multiple clothing lines have recently been exploring Asian culture in their designs. These cherry blossoms may be printed on t-shirts, tank tops, and even underwear.

In conclusion, these branches are definitely becoming very popular throughout the United States and have a variety of different uses. Regardless of the reason, these decorative branches are used in everything from interior designing to wedding planning, even frequently being permanently tattooed onto the bodies of some. Keep an eye out in your local stores for the sign of these beautiful oriental branches that are likely to be seen in each and every department.