Chrysanthemum Care

What You Need to Know about Chrysanthemum Care

Chrysanthemum care is very easy.  That is want makes these flowers so popular.  The only thing that you really need to remember is that you need to plant them in the early spring when you are sure that there is not going to be anymore frost.  The goal is to give them an opportunity to establish their roots before it gets really hot outside.  As long as you remember this, they should do very well.

You are going to find that chrysanthemum care requires full sun.  They are going to grow best when they are planted in a location that is going to give them a lot of sun. You are also going to need to give them a lot of water and a lot of food so be sure to purchase fertilizer for them.  You can talk to the staff at the nursery about the best type of fertilizer so that you know you are giving the plant the correct amount.  However, most often you are going to give them food approximately every two weeks.

You can grow these flowers as seeds, cuttings or even by repotting flowers that you purchase at the nursery.  You will want to dig the hole really deep and you need to keep the plants approximately 30 inches apart.  This is going to give each plant plenty of room to spread out.  Chrysanthemum care requires that you wait until your plant is roughly six inches tall and then you will pinch the branches back about ¾ of an inch.  By doing this, you are going to encourage the plant to grow more blooms.  You will repeat this process once they are one foot tall.  Remember, you are helping your plant get larger each time you do this.

If you notice that half of your flower is beginning to die out you will want to separate the flower and replant the good half in new fertilizer that will promote its growth.  You will want to continue doing this as you see the flowers dying.  It is very important to throw the old, dead flowers away.  It is also recommended that when you replant each year, you plant in the same location each time.  This is going to keep diseases and pests under control.  This is going to keep your flowers healthy and promote healthy growth each year.  Besides, if you have found a location that is working well for your mums, you are going to want to keep them there anyways.

You are also going to want to know about chrysanthemum care in the winter time.  When you realize that the frost has killed your plant you are going to want to cut the plant back to the ground.  You are then going to need to place light mulch over top of the plant.  You will also want to create a ditch around the flower.  This is going to help keep excessive moisture off of the plant during the winter months.  You do not want the roots to rot during the winter because they are to wet.  Therefore, this step is very important.

As you begin your search for mums you are going to notice that there are a lot of different colors and sizes that you can purchase.  This makes them a wonderful addition to any garden.  You can find different colors and sizes that you can place in sunny areas of your garden to add height and bold colors.  Once you find out how much beauty they add to your garden you are going to be more willing to plant them again in the future.