Chrysanthemum Carinatum

Fact About the Chrysanthemum Carinatum

The chrysanthemum carinatum may also simply be called a chrysanthemum.  This flower has single bi or tri-colored flowers that resemble daisies.  They can also be found in colors that vary from yellow, white, purple and red.  The chrysanthemum can be annual or bi-annual and many people like them because of the bright, colorful flowers that they produce.  The flowers will bloom between midsummer and the fall months.

If you are looking to plant a chrysanthemum carinatum in your garden you should know that there are seven major groups of these plants.  The first is the exhibition.  These are perennials.  Most people will grow this type for show, gardens and cutting like in different flower arrangements.  The next type is called spray.  These are different from the exhibition because they will produce more than one flower per stem.  The charm chrysanthemum is small and dwarf like.  It is bushy and rounded.  Many people will grow this type in the home.  Fourth is the cascade and it is very similar to the charm flower.  Next is the pompon.  They are also small and bushy and they can produce approximately 50 flowers per plant.  Sixth is the rubelllum chrysanthemum.  The flowers grown on this plant will have a yellow center that is very similar to a daisy.  Finally, you can select the garden chrysanthemum.  They tend to bloom over a long period of time.  Therefore, you may want to plant this flower in the garden as a border.

When you decide which chrysanthemum carinatum you prefer for your home or garden, you will need to fully understand how to plant it and take care of it so that it will thrive.  This plant is a seed start.  It does very well in full sunlight and in soil that is slightly moist and fertile.  You want the soil to be one that drains well.  It is also very important to make sure that you are fertilizing it every two weeks in the summer until it begins to bloom.  The chrysanthemum carinatum has a center that will eventually die out.  In order to help your plant last for many years you are going to want to divide it and replant every few years.  This will keep the dead center from killing the plant.

Gardens are a wonderful addition to a home.  They can really liven the place up and add character to your home when you have beautiful garden in the yard.  As you can see, the chrysanthemum carinatum may be a great addition to your already beautiful garden.  However, there are several different types that you can select from. 

Talk to your florist and see what types and colors are available in your area.  Then, determine which color would look best as an accent to you home.  Select your plant and get ready to find a place to plant it.  Remember the criteria for sunlight and the type of soil that you will need.  Make sure that you speak to your florist so that you can clarify how much water the plant will need and if it will need any special fertilizer.

One final thought about this flower that you may find very interesting.  The white or yellow chrysanthemum is often boiled in some parts or Asia in order to make a sweet drink.  This tea is also known to have some medical purposes as well as it is used to help people get over the flu.  This flower may also be used in rice in Korea.  In China, the leaves of this plant may be boiled and used as greens for certain dishes.