Chrysanthemum Plants

Interesting Facts About Chrysanthemum Plants

Chrysanthemum plants, more commonly called mums, are available in a several varieties.  In addition to producing a variety of color options, chrysanthemum plants are also available with other variations as well. Some feature a large bloom, while others produce a much smaller flower.  There are also some differences in the ways various mums grow and what time of year will best suit them.

In addition to the differences mentioned above, there are also great variations in the types of flowers produced by Chrysanthemum plants.  Some of the bloom types include pompon, spoon, spider, cushion and anemone.

The type of mum you choose would depend on how you wished to use the plants as well as other factors, such as the part of the country in which you live.  Hardy mums are typically very easy to grow and care for while the non-hardy varieties will require a bit more knowledge and care.

Many choose to grow these flowers because they make wonderful additions to floral arrangements. Still others include chrysanthemum plants in their gardens simply to add a splash of color to the outdoors. Because mums are so brightly colored and come in shades of purple, yellow and red, they are a favorite among gardeners who love to include a few showy plants in their designs.

Chrysanthemum plants can be grown in somewhat colder climates, but they should b0e planted early. Also, those planting in a colder climate will want to choose a variety that will bloom early. It would be best to check with someone at your local nursery so that you can get advice from someone who is familiar with your particular climate.

Another reason that these plants are popular with some gardeners is that they can be quite easily propagated not only from plants but also from seeds and/or cuttings.  In fact, most varieties tend to do better once they have been divided. There are, however, some hybrid varieties that cannot be propagated without permission. Those types of mums are the exception rather than the rule. If your mum plant is such a hybrid, it will clearly state that somewhere on the label.

While many gardening enthusiasts may be familiar with chrysanthemum plants and the basics of how to care for them, there are also some less well-known facts about these plants. Below are just a few such facts.

Whether you are a casual, beginning gardener or an experienced green thumb, there are Chrysanthemum plants that will work for your garden.