Cleveland Pear

What You May Not Know About the Cleveland Pear Tree

The Cleveland pear tree has gained in popularity in recent years. Belonging to the same family as the Bradford pear tree, this tree very beautiful when it flowers during the spring.





With the Cleveland pear tree you get a tree that not only grows fast, but also is very hardy. If you live in a region that can have severe storms, you know how important a hardy and sturdy tree can be. A large tree falling on your property is very dangerous, plus can cost a lot of money in damage. This pear tree is much sturdier than other types of pear trees so you will have less worry about it toppling over in a storm.

The Cleveland pear tree is not normally cultivated for its fruit but for ornamental purposes. This tree is often used for landscaping; you’ll find this tree lining sidewalks, driveways, and more. One of the reasons that this tree is so popular is that it is easy to grow; even in an area where it is difficult to grow trees you can often get this tree to take root and grow.

Over the years there have many problem with the Bradford Pear tree due to its brittle branches and its tendency to overcome native trees. Replacing the Bradford pear tree was the purpose of breeding the Cleveland pear. When breeding this tree the purpose was to create a tree that would have all the beauty of the Bradford pear without a lot of the problems that tree posed.

With the Cleveland pear there is no fruit production, therefore there are no seeds to be scattered and choke out native trees. This tree is shaped slightly different than the Bradford pear tree, with the branches be much closer together. Due to the fact that the branches grow much closer together they don’t have as much of a tendency to snap and break.

Of course there have been cases where the Cleveland pear has sustained some storm damage, but these occurrence are not nearly as frequent as they are with the Bradford pear tree, and the damage isn’t normally as severe.

In the spring this tree will flower with white blossoms, and although the flowers do not have a very pleasant scent, they are very beautiful. This is a great shade tree because throughout the summer it has large green leaves, in the fall these leaves change to shades of brilliant orange, red and yellow. No matter what season you are in, the Cleveland pear tree is a lovely addition to your landscape.

If you love the look of the Bradford pear but just do not want to deal with the problems this tree can cause, you may want to consider the Cleveland pear. With this tree you get all the benefits of the Bradford but without all of the problems. This tree is not real particular about the soil it is planted in, plus it does not need a lot of water.

Planting the Cleveland pear is very simple; it can be done in the fall as well as the spring. To plant one of these trees all that you have to do is dig a hole about double the size of the tree’s roots; you then place the tree in the hole and replace the soil you removed to dig the hole. The only care that should be necessary aside from giving the tree a little water is to add fertilizer to the soil in the fall and trim the tree before it begins to flower in the spring.

If you love the beauty of the Bradford pear, you’ll really like the Cleveland pear tree.