Comice Pears

A Few Fun Facts About Comice Pears

Comice pears are a holiday staple, and many pear lovers say they are the juiciest and sweetest tasting of all of the different varieties of pear. The sugary sweetness of the comice pear is only enhanced by the silky texture of its smooth and creamy flesh. It is so favored and popular, that the comice pear is almost always found in Christmas gift baskets and seen in fruit bowls on many a holiday table.

The comice pear has an appearance that is slightly different from the customary pear shape. The body is much rounder and fatter than other pear varieties, and the top is rather short and squat. Like other pears, comices are generally green, but some will have a reddish tint showing up in patches around the surface of the pear. The comice pear can vary in size, but the most attractive fruits are extra large and juicy, which is why they look so delightful in a holiday fruit bowl or gift basket.

This particular pear variety can be quite fragile, especially the skin of the pear. In fact, it sometimes appears to have damage on the surface of the skin. Luckily, any bruising that may appear on the outside of the pear usually does not go any deeper than the outer surface of the pear’s skin.

The Christmas Pear
Even though comice pears are synonymous with the holiday season – some even call them the “Christmas Pear” – they can be found in any good produce section for several months of the year. The comice pear season begins in September and is available all the way into March! So, the holiday pear can be enjoyed long before the holiday season begins and months after it comes to a close.

How to Choose a Ripe Comice Pear
The best way to tell if a comice pear is ripe is not by looking at it, because color is not the most important indicator of ripeness in this type of pear. Instead, pick up the pear and gently push on the top end of the pear, just near the stem. If the pear is not very hard and gives a little bit to the pressure, then it is usually ready to eat. Pears that are not quite to this stage of ripeness can still be purchased. Simply leave them at room temperature, preferably in a plastic bag, and give them a few days to ripen up. Once they are ripe, store pears in the refrigerator.

Uses for the Comice Pear
The juicy sweetness of this pear variety makes it a wonderful choice to serve on any special occasion. They are better used in their natural state, and are not good for cooking because they are so juicy. Fresh pears are delicious served on a fruit and cheese platter. Use a wonderful soft cheese, like Brie or Camembert, to compliment the comice quite nicely.

Pears are not only tasty, but they are good for you too. They tend to be overlooked, but pears are an excellent source of both fiber and Vitamin C, so they can be an enrichment to any healthy diet. The comice pear is naturally low in fat – despite its sweet taste – and it makes a great surprise addition to a tossed salad or veggie platter. Since pears are more of an uncommon fruit, they are great to try for something different. Swap out your usual apple for a pear every now and then to add some variety to a healthy way of eating. Kids are usually fans too!