Common Boxwood

How To Care For Common Boxwood

Common boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is perfect to use for a bordering hedge or even a tree. If you keep this plant pruned and plant it in rows, it makes a nice hedge row. If you do not prune it and let it grow on its own it becomes a tree. Either way, common boxwood is a nice addition to any garden or yard.

Common boxwood can reach up to thirty feet tall. It has many extended branches and the foliage is a dark green color that stays throughout the year. It produces these leaves along with little fragrant flowers and it also produces tiny fruit. This plant originated in Asia but due to its popularity, you can find common boxwood almost anywhere.

This plant is easy to grow. With little care you can have shrubbery that improves any yard. You can also have a delightful scent from the plant when the tiny flowers bloom in the spring. If you follow a few guidelines while planting and give it a little attention, you can enjoy this perennial plant for many years to come.

Before planting the shrubs you can prepare the soil by testing it. You can purchase a soil testing kit form any garden supply store. If you determine that your soil does need help, you can purchase fertilizers and soil improvers and treat the soil before planting in it. Although the common boxwood is known to grow under almost any conditions, it really helps to prepare the soil first to produce a prettier more healthy plant.

If you are planting only one shrub, you can place it on a small hill so the root system cannot be damaged by too much water. If you plan on planting a row of these plants, you should use the raised bed method. Prepare a raised row where you would like the plants to be. Dig a separate hole for each of the plants and make sure that there are no rocks or pebbles in the soil. Place the plant in the hole and make sure that the roots are covered. Space the plants a full ten feet apart. It may seem like they are spaced too far apart but when the plants mature the foliage will fill in the bare areas.

These plants can be placed almost anywhere. They do well in shade or full sunlight. For these types of plants a mix is the best. If it has direct sunlight for at least six hours and some shade, this is perfect for these plants. Remember not to plant them with winter approaching. The young common boxwood plant does not do good growing in the colder winter conditions and should not be place outside until early spring.

These plants love water but make sure that the root systems are never too soggy or wet. If you have planted them in a raised bed this should never happen. But winter brings snow and when it melts it can cause water damage. Keep an eye on the plant during the winter and remove any excess snow under the shrubs.

You must also decide how tall you want the plant to be. This plant can grow up to twenty feet tall and if it is used for shrubbery it needs to be pruned every so often. It is usually present in a box shape and pruning is easy as long as you do not do it all at once. Every few weeks you can check to see if the shrubs need trimming. Never trim more than fifty percent of the plant at once. Instead stick with light trimmings to remove the excess foliage.