Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Growing Coral Bark Japanese Maple

The Coral Bark Japanese Maple is one of the most beautiful of the Japanese Maples; this tree features striking coral bark that give this maple a lovely and unique look. The red bark of this tree looks amazing no matter what its surroundings, as it contrasts beautifully against many different backdrops.




During the summer months the leaves of the Coral Bark Japanese Maple are light green in color, but during the autumn they turn pale yellow. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, this tree is a wonderful addition to most any landscape scheme, plus you can plant it in a pot and grow it indoors. In addition, this Japanese Maples looks great when grown as a bonsai.

When grown outdoors the Coral Bark Japanese Maple can grow to a height of 25 feet, and will have about a 20 foot spread. If you grow this tree in a container it will likely grow to about 6 feet.

The first thing you will need to do when planting a Coral Bark Japanese Maple is to find a good location. Keep in mind that this tree will do best in soil that drains well, but it can tolerate a variety of different soil types, including sand and clay.

This tree needs partial shade. If you have an area that gets a lot of morning sun, but is shady during the hot afternoons, this will be an ideal location to plant this tree. If you grow this tree in full sun it could possibly scorch the leaves.

Once you have chosen a location you will then need to dig a hole that is about twice the size of the tree’s root ball. Prepare the soil with some compost, plus add some slow release fertilizer before you plant.

Place the root ball in the hole and gently cover with soil. Water the tree after you have finished covering the roots with soil.

To ensure that your Coral Bark Japanese Maple remains healthy, it is a good idea to add about four inches of mulch on the soil surrounding the tree. You will need to ensure that the mulch does not come in contact with the tree, though it should completely cover the soil surrounding the tree. If the mulch comes into contact with the tree, it could cause the tree to rot.

You will need to water your Coral Bark Japanese Maple about every other day for seven to ten days; this should give the tree enough time to become established. Once this tree is established it will not require too much care.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple trees can be difficult to find locally, but it is possible that you can find a nursery nearby that keeps this type of tree. If you are unable to locate a Coral Bark Maple locally, there are also some nurseries online that sell this tree.

Prices vary greatly and will depend on the nursery where you purchase the tree, as well as the region of the country where you are buying it. In most cases the cost will be somewhere between $30 and $100.

When you purchase a Coral Bark Japanese Maple you will want to ask about any specific growing instructions for your region. Following the growing instructions will help ensure that you get a beautiful tree that does not have any difficulty becoming established.