Coral Bark Maple

Facts About The Coral Bark Maple

A Coral Bark Maple is a Japanese-originated tree and is known for its red appearance in the winter months. The vibrant colors are great for the holiday season and make a great addition to your front yard. This article will examine known facts about this gorgeous, unique looking tree.

The most noticeable feature of this maple besides its color is the way it grows. The Coral Bark Maple actually grows upward as if it was in a vase. During the summer this plant is green, but keeps it red tint. This tree is extremely popular for its look and growth style.

In terms of size, the Coral Bark Maple typically grows somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five feet tall with about the same width. This tree matures best when in full sun or partial shade. However, for best results, place the tree in an area where it receives sun during the morning but shade throughout the afternoon. Although the soil needs to be moist, too much water hinders its development so it must be drained very well if at all possible. During the beginning stages of development, this gorgeous tree matures quickly, but slows down after a while to have a moderate growth rate.

Being absolutely gorgeous all year long with a red tint never leaving, it is also ideal for container growth, but the height will be limited to about ten feet if grown this way. Try your best to avoid placing the tree anywhere near extreme winds in order to make it last longer in terms of life span. Due to their fragility, they tend to have a relatively short lifespan in comparison to most maple trees. It is best if you water the plant thoroughly for the first few years to make sure it is developing properly. Be sure to water it an average amount and avoid over watering. Most people recommend that you cover the area surrounding the tree with mulch without allowing it to touch the actual trunk.

An issue with this plant noted by several owners is how some areas scorch the tree when left in full sun throughout the entire day. Apparently it depends on the area in which the tree is being grown. The Coral Bark Maple is specifically great for United States plant hardiness zones four through nine. However, this plant is extremely tolerant against humidity, making it ideal for southern states.

In order to successfully grow the Coral Bark Maple, you will first need to find a spot that not only has partial shade, but also is great with draining water. Then, you will want to dig an area that is about twice as big as the root system. After planting, be sure to water the maple completely. Then you will need to add up to four inches of mulch without it tucking the bark. Be sure to continue watering this plant approximately every other day until the tree matures. However, this maple proves to be very low maintenance after maturation.

For anyone wishing to add this gorgeous plant to your yard or collection, stop by a local nursery to make the purchase. The price of this maple will vary from nursery to nursery, but it should cost somewhere between thirty dollars and a little above one hundred dollars. Although this maple is relatively high maintenance for the first couple of years, the work will be well worth the product and beautiful addition to your landscaping. Not only does this tree prove to be ideal for the winter season with its bright red color, but also the summer and fall months are extremely attractive. Be sure to follow care instructions to insure this maple matures into a healthy, colorful tree.