Cordyline Indivisa

Information on the Cordyline Indivisa

The cordyline indivisa is native to New Zealand and it has been called mountain cabbage by many people.  This plant is often found in dry regions and it has blue green leaves that help people identify what it is.  You will notice that this plant also has a very short trunk and this stem does not really have any branches that work off of it.  This article will examine the cordyline indivisa in more detail.

If you live in zones 9-11 in the United States you may have some success growing this plant.  It often thrives in well drained soil and it needs to be planted in partial shade.  Therefore, if you are interested in planting this in your yard you will need to select a location that will not be getting full sun.  The location will play a large part in the plants ability to grow properly.

It may be a good idea to plant the cordyline indivisa in a container that can be moved between the porch and the house.  This makes it possible for you to care for the plant properly in the winter months because you can take it inside where it is going to be out of the harsh winter conditions.  You will need to water the plant well in the summer and keep the soil moist but you can water it less when it is inside in the winter.  Be sure that you place it in a location that will get some sun inside of your home.

When people decide to grow unique plants in and around their homes they may become concerned about insects that may infest the plant.  The good thing about the cordyline indivisa is that this plant does not attract any insects or diseases that you will need to care for later on down the road.  This is a relief because you do not want insects inside of your home in the winter months.  You will not need to worry about this when you grow this plant.

Another interesting aspect of this plant is that the leaves are edible.  If you are interested in eating them you can cook them and use them as a substitute for cabbage.  The leaves are actually very high in fiber.  If you are interested in eating them you will need to research different ways to prepare them so that they will taste good.  You want your first experience to be enjoyable so that you are willing to eat them again.

The leaves can be used to make baskets as well.  Therefore, if you are able to make baskets and weave you can always use these leaves to create a new basket for your home or family.  You may also want to consider using the strong leaves to make rope if you know how to complete this task.

It is easy to see that the cordyline indivisa has a lot of functions that many people may not have been aware of.  If you are interested in growing these plants around your home the first thing you need to do is find out if you live in the proper location for them.  You do not want to spend money purchasing a plant that is not going to grow where you live.  Once you have determined that it will grow in your location you can pick out your plant. You do not have to use it for eating or baskets if you do not want to because it is beautiful to simply look at.  It is just nice to know that you have other options if you want them.