Dehydrated Fruit

The Benefits of Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated fruit has become quite common.  Whereas, a generation ago dehydrated snacks seemed like a fad—like quiche or bellbottoms—now dehydrated fruit has become so common it barely gets any notice.  Any mediocre supermarket will now carry packets of dehydrated snacks of all varieties.  Occasionally such packages will involve some special recipe, but more often than not, they are just dried fruit cut into special shapes.  Of course, they are considerably marked up for profit.

If you have never done so, you might find that dehydrating your own fruit is not only a money saver—the first benefit of doing it yourself—but is also very easy.  With a food dehydrator or just in your standard oven, dehydrating fruit is not even that labor intensive.  If you have ever prepared a fruit salad, then you have done all of the main steps involved in creating great, yummy dehydrated fruit.  It just involves cutting up fruit and placing it the dehydrator or oven to dry.

What’s so great about dehydrated fruit?

Dehydrated Fruit Travels Better

Whether you’re fixing a snack for your kid to take to school or to go on a trip, dehydrated fruit is just easier to pack, both because it is smaller in most cases and because it is less of a mess.  First, dehydrated banana chips are just a lot less space consuming than entire bananas.  If you have limited space in a carry on bag, but want to be sure to have a snack ready on a long bus trip, then dehydrated bananas or apple slices are a great choice, because you don’t have waste space disposing of the skin.

Dehydrated fruit is also a lot less messy.  You don’t get lots of dripping juices and you don’t have to worry what to do with the banana skin or apple core afterwards.  Lunch aides will thank you as well, because they are less likely to have to deal with messy tables and sticky fingers.  You will also find that heat has less of an effect on dehydrated snacks, which means less of disaster in the backpack when your kid gets home.

Dehydrated Snacks save Money

Another bonus of dehydrating your own fruit is that you can save money as well.  You not only save money in regard to buying already packaged dehydrated fruit, but also on the price of snacks.  A bag of potato chips can run to three dollars, but often for the same amount, you can make your own banana chips.

Yet another great money saver is to pack a bag of dehydrated snacks with you instead of buying popcorn at the movie theater or amusement park.

Dehydrated Fruit is Healthier

Not only will you save on the cost of going to the movies, but you will also find that dehydrated snacks that you make yourself, are far healthier for you and your kids.  Although you lose some of the benefits of fruits when you dry the moisture out of them, many of their most healthy properties remain.  Just as importantly, the contents of the your homemade snacks are far more healthy just because they do not undergo the heavy processing that your average bag of potato chips does.

Kids Love the Change in Texture

Yet one more benefit is that kids who don’t like soft, gooey things still tend to accept dehydrated banana and apple chips, because the texture is far more crisp and brittle.  Thus, dehydrating fruit can help get some healthy fruits by your kid’s picky palate.

For all these reasons, dehydrating fruit is a great choice!