Dragon Arum

All about the Dragon Arum

The dragon arum is going to be an interesting flower to grow in your garden.  It is going to show its bright red colors in the early summer months as it helps your garden come to life.  Many people will use this in their gardens as a way to add color and a splash of life to their gardens and yards.




Once you have decided that you would like to plant this amazing flower you are going to need to wait until the appropriate time of year and find the best location in your yard.  You are going to need to select a location that is going to in the shade and you are going to need to wait until the autumn months to plant it.  You will also need to be sure that this location has well drained soil.  It is going to need to be organic so talk to your area nursery workers about what type of organic compounds you can add to make it more effective.

If you are not interested in starting the dragon arum outdoors you always have the option to begin the process inside of your home.  This may be the best thing to do because they take so long to begin to bloom.  You will want to start the seeds in the late winter or early spring months because they take about six months to begin to bloom.  Having them indoors is going to help keep them protected from any harsh weather.  You will then be able to move them outside.

When you plant your dragon arum you will want to make sure that each seed or plant is approximately 30 cms apart from each other. You do not want them to be so close to each other that they are not able to grow to their fullest potential.   They all need space to grow.  You are going to need to take the time to cover your dragon arum seeds with top soil.  They are not going to need to be smothered but they are going to need a light layer of this top soil.  This is going to help keep the seed in the ground so that it does not blow away. You will want to give the seed ample time to germinate and begin to set its roots.

While your plants are going, you are going to need to keep them well watered.  You are not going to have to worry about that in the winter time as much because you do not want the water to freeze and rot the roots.  However, giving them the right amount of water is going to help them grow faster and produce beautiful blooms for you.  You will not need to start each plant from seed in the future once you have a few dragon arum plants. You will simply be able to separate them at the root and move them around.

The dragon arum is going to add a lot of color to your home and garden.  If you are interested in these flowers you can take the time to speak to someone at your local nursery about them.  They are going to be able to talk to you about any pests or diseases that might affect the flower.  It is important to be prepared for any issues like this that may develop. You will be able to take precautions to make sure that your flowers are going to remain healthy and strong.  This is also important to know if you are going to be starting them in your home.  You do not want to be attracting bugs into your house.