Dried Papaya

Why People Enjoy Dried Papaya

Dried papaya is one way that you can enjoy this delicious fruit.  It often grows in tropical regions and it can become as large as a watermelon.  You are most likely going to find them much smaller than this in the supermarkets within America. These are called Hawaiian papaya.  If you ever see one of these plants you are going to notice that it may look like a palm tree because it will have a lot of maple like leaves at the top.   This may even give you the feeling that you are in the tropics.

There are numerous different benefits related to this fruit that may play a role in why it is enjoyed so much.  Dried papaya can help calm an upset stomach if you are not feeling well.  However, if you are looking for this effect you can consume the fruit in any form and feel better.  You may also want to consider using the papaya fruit as a meat tenderizer.  You will not be able to use it in its dried form for this purpose though.

If you are considering growing papaya you will want to plant it near the house where it is going to get a lot of sunlight plus reflective heat that comes off of the house.  If you can not find a location like this, you can select a location in the shade.  The fruit will grow but it will not be sweet at all when you eat it.  Purchase soil that is going to drain well because they can die if they are getting too much moisture.  You can grow more papaya plants from the seeds that are in the fruit you eat.  You will simply want to remove the seeds, clean then off, dry them out and then spray them with an antifungal spray.  You are then ready to plant them.

Now, if you have harvested from your own papaya plants or purchased this fruit at the grocery store, you may be ready to enjoy some dried papaya rather than fresh.  If you are wondering how to enjoy this sweet treat you may want to continue reading this article.  Simply sun drying the fruit is not really very difficult at all.  You will begin by slicing your fruit into thin pieces.  Next, you will lay the pieces out beside one another on a baking sheet.  You will then place the baking sheet outside in the sun for three or four days.  Make sure that you are turning the fruit over throughout the process.  You do not want to leave them on one side for four days.  Do not leave the fruit outside during the evening hours.  You will want to bring it inside and take it back outside in the morning.  This is going to ensure that your fruit is not getting dew on it.

You have another option for dried papaya as well.  You can complete this process in the oven.  You will want to start by selecting a papaya that is ripe but not over ripe.  Wash it, peel the skin off and take the core out.  Cut the fruit into small, equal pieces so that they will dry quickly and at the same time.  Preheat your oven to 140 degrees and place the fruit on a baking sheet.  Place it in the over for approximately six hours.  Once they have been removed from the oven you will want to place the fruit on a sheet of wax paper in so that they may cool off.  You will want to turn them over from time to time so that they will cool quicker. You are now ready to share your dried papaya with the entire family.