Dwarf Evergreens

Top 10 Types Of Tropical Dwarf Evergreens

Tropical varieties of dwarf evergreens offer brilliant foliage in vibrant shades of green, red, purple, silver and yellow.  These are really perfect when you have a small, empty spot in your garden that could use a little texture and color all year round.  Below are the top 10 dwarf evergreens that are a perfect compliment to any landscaping.




  1. Fountain Grass – This perennial evergreen shrub displays fountains of pink or purple foliage. Because of their size, height and density, they are really ideal to use for privacy.  These large clumps of dense grass have pinkish to white flower heads that resemble cattails, blooming from summer well into winter.
  1. Dumb Cane – Native to rainforests, these dwarf evergreens were introduced as house plants over 100 years ago and have become extremely popular due to their shade tolerance.  In warmer climates, the dumb cane can be grown outdoors where it matures much larger at nearly six feet tall.  You must wear gloves when handling this shrub because every part of it is poisonous.  The juices of the plant can cause swelling, itching, pain and a speech impediment that can last several days.
  1. Desert Rose – Also called the impala lily, this flowering evergreen comes in many color variations.  Native to Africa and Arabia, these shrubs grow to a height of two to four feet and they really prefer to be grown in planters rather than flowerbeds.  The desert rose is so lovely that you would think that it is a 100 percent tropical plant and not an evergreen at all.

  1. Fire Bush – These dwarf evergreens are adored by hummingbirds and butterflies.  This semi-woody shrub is found throughout southern areas of the United States, well down into South America.  The red flowers appear to be many shooting sparks of fire, thus giving the shrub its name.  This is a plant that you would know as soon as you see it and you aren't likely to ever forget it.
  1. Smoke bush – Native to Madagascar but now seen throughout southern areas of the United States, the smoke bush appears as though there are puffs of smoke escaping from the stunning purple foliage.  These are fast growing dwarf evergreens and will become invasive if they are planted close together.  They have literally smothered rainforest canopies by stealing all of the nutrients from their shared soil.
  1. Mexican Heather – This is a low growing, lush shrub that works well on its own as a filler or used as a border.  Although they only grow to a maximum height of two feet tall, they are capable of spreading to be three feet wide.  They display dense, feathery, delicate leaves with small purple flowers that bloom year round.  These shrubs can be pruned to a nice shape or left to grow wild.
  1. Plectranthus Mona Lavender – This striking ornamental shrub offers such a dense and overwhelming display of purple tubular flowers, you would never think to categorize it with dwarf evergreens.  These are a favorite among growers because they are so easy to use cuttings to propagate.
  1. Lantana Plant – These are fast growing shrubs that provide a generous supply of colorful blooms.  The flowers grow on long stems that extend out of the evergreen leaves in colors of red, yellow, peach and orange.
  1. Chenille Plant – This shrub is a definite show stopper with its long, red, fuzzy flowers that look like snakes hanging toward the ground.  Grown in a pot, the chenille plant matures at three feet tall but in a flower bed it will get much taller.  These shrubs need a lot of humidity to be happy.
  1. Dwarf Umbrella Tree – Thriving in an assortment of conditions, the dense canopy displays glossy, long umbrella-shaped leaves in a rich dark green shade.  These are trouble-free evergreens that are happy in containers in your home or office that rarely get stressed.