Dwarf Orange Tree

How to Grow A Dwarf Orange Tree

Growing a dwarf orange tree can be a beautiful experience for you.  These wonderful trees have beautiful foliage that can be a delight to look at.  If it produces oranges you will have a wonderful flavor that is like any other.  Even if the oranges are not sampled by you, the fact that this tree produces a wonderful scent will be a gift of its own.




So how do you grow a dwarf orange tree?  You will begin by purchasing the tree.  Make sure that you are actually purchasing a dwarf tree.   It will become extremely large if you do not get a dwarf and it will tend to over take your home.  Remember that just because you are growing a tree that is considered a dwarf, it will still produce the regular size fruit and it will taste just as great.

You are going to need to find a pot for planting that allows the plant room to grow.  This tree will most likely reach seven or eight feet. This is very important to remember because if your tree does not have room in its pot it will not grow and produce oranges.  A rule of thumb is that if the tree is taller than two or three times the pot, it will need to be repotted.  Another good indicator is if you begin to see the rootball at the top of the pot.

You will want to line the bottom of the pot with broken clay or pebbles.  Also make sure that there is a large hole at the bottom of the pot so that it can drain when it is watered.  Be sure to also select a premium, top quality fertilizer as well.  When watering your dwarf orange tree until the water drains onto the plate underneath of the pot.  Let this sit for approximately 45 minutes so that the tree can get plenty to drink.  You will then drain the water.  Keep an eye on your plant.  When the soil is dry two to three inches deep, you want to repeat this process.  Something interesting to keep in your thoughts as well is that your tree will begin to flower in the early winter months.  This will continue into the spring.   During and directly after the flowering time you are going to want to make sure that you are providing the tree with enough moisture to help it produce good fruit.

When finding an appropriate placement for your tree you are going to want to find an area in your home that has a lot of sun.  When you are growing a dwarf orange tree in the house, you need to keep in mind that it is still going to need a lot of sun.  Actually, it will need roughly eight hours of direct sunlight each day.  Make sure that you also keep it very moist for your plant.  It will begin to lose its leaves if you don’t do this.  You can help achieve this by spraying a mist on your tree everyday.

Finally, you can brush all of the open flowers with a paintbrush.  You will then continue brushing the other leaves on the tree with that paintbrush.  You are acting like a bee by doing this and you will help it pollinate.  Another thing you want to do is keep an eye out for spiders and other insects that may try to make your dwarf orange tree their home.  If you find that these insects are frequenting your tree, you going to want to spray the tree and leaves with water and rubbing alcohol.  This will keep them away so that they are not damaging your leaves or fruit.