Egyptian Onions

How to Grow and Use Egyptian Onions

Egyptian onions are very easy to grow; they are a perennial onion that is extremely hardy, so even armatures should have no problem growing these vegetables. These onions are known by a few different names, including winter onions and tree onions, along with Egyptian onions.

In addition to providing edible produce, Egyptian onions are also great as an ornamental plant. They look lovely with the unique bulbs that grow at the top of the plant. This type of onion is usually planted in the fall and is grown in much the same way as other types of onions. The Egyptian onion is easy to grow in zones up to 3.

Egyptian onions have a very strong taste, so when using them for cooking you’ll want to keep this in mind. You only need to use small amounts when you are cooking with this type of onion. The green stalks of these onions are also edible and are often used in the same way that people use green onions, as well as chives.

If you are interested in growing these plants, there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind about Egyptian onions.

To Plant Egyptian Onions

To plant these onions you will plant the sets, though they will grow just about anywhere you might want to plant them in a flower type bed where they will be easy to care for over time.

Make holes in the ground about one half inch deep; these sets will need to be planted about 8 inches apart to ensure they have enough room to grow. If you want to use some of your sets to plant for green onions you can plant them about 6-inches apart in rows that are about one foot away from each other.

Though you can plant at anytime, except winter, most people prefer to plan in the fall. If you can plant in early fall; this will give them enough time to get big enough that they will likely produce sets for the following year. If you are only planting so that you can grow green onions, spring is the best time to plant.

Egyptian onions are tasty and easy to grow, which is why they are so popular in home gardens. To find these onions you can ask your local nursery or shop online where these onions are easy to get.

If you spend some time searching online you’ll find plenty of ways to use these onions in preparing meals, and there are even recipes specific to Egyptian onions, such as pickled onions.