Fast Growing Vines

Top-Picked Fast Growing Vines

In just a few weeks, fast growing vines can enhance landscaping, reduce noise levels and add privacy.  While some vines will carelessly twine in various directions, others have tendrils that are designed to grasp, climb and offer support to the plant.  Also, some require no assistance in their growing habits while others either need training or they have to be tied to some type of supportive structure.



Jackman Clematis Vines

These are one of the most popular fast growing vines for both novice and veteran gardeners.  The fast growth of the Jackman clematis will eagerly cover fencing or a trellis in only one growing period.  They provide a carpet full of bold, beautiful, deep purple blooms, that are quite attractive to honeybees and butterflies and the denseness that they offer will go on to provide privacy even in the winter months.

Trumpet Creeper Vines

These fast growing vines are a favorite because they act like a magnet to attract desirable insects and hummingbirds.  Trumpet creeper vines are considered quite invasive and do require a substantial amount of fussing to keep them maintained.  However, the extra effort is well worth it as the vines bloom fairly long, offering vibrant, bright reddish-orange flowers.  When allowed to climb a wall, trumpet creepers can quickly reach heights of 40 feet or more.

Honeysuckle Vines

If you are looking for privacy and screening, these fast growing vines are just what you need.  They are attractive and a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies.  The fragrant flowers range from white to yellow and are accompanied with red or orange berries.  The dense vines are adored by birds who nest in them and foliage is very attractive to deer.  Honeysuckle will spread fast and cover just about anything in its path, climbing as high as 25 feet.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

These fast growing vines get their name from the wonderful blooms that autumn brings.  The sweet aroma of these flat white flowers can be smelled 25 feet away, even further on a windy day.  Butterflies and bees are greatly attracted to these blooming vines.  The sweet autumn clematis can grow to be 15 feet tall per season, providing a thick mass that is idea for noise reduction and privacy, even during the winter months.

Wisteria Vines

These are considered some of the most versatile, fast growing vines.  They are flowering and fragrant, producing clusters in a bouquet of colors, most commonly, white, pink and violet.  While the Japanese wisteria has the most fragrant blooms, the Chinese wisteria offers the more striking blooms.  These vines can grow 30 feet in one season and spread just as fast so sturdy support is needed and you may need to trim these back if they become too invasive.

Virginia Creeper Vines

These vines grow unbelievably fast and can cover lattice in a couple of weeks.  The Virginia creeper is often mistaken for poison ivy and it produces a berry that is found in the diet of many birds and small animals.  Additionally, the vines and leaves are enjoyed by chipmunks, mice, cattle, deer and squirrels.  In the United States, these vines are considered invasive but they are cultivated and adored as being ornamental in other areas.  Virginia creeper vines are rampant growers and in the blink of an eye can reach heights of 60 feet high with a spread of 50 feet or more.

Arctic Kiwi Vines

These hardy vines certainly live up to their name, surviving in temperature of 40 degrees below Fahrenheit.  The Arctic kiwi is a twining vine, reaching heights of around 10 feet and are not considered at all invasive but rather a friendly addition to any part of your landscaping.  In the spring, they produce leaves of white, pink and green that are ideal to use for screening purposes, especially around patios and porches since they attract very few insects.