Flamingo Flower

A Guide to the Flamingo Flower

If you have ever considered growing a flamingo flower you may want to know about it before you begin.  There are a few different things related to this flower that you will need to know in order to plant it and help it grow properly.  You need to read this article so that you will have a good understanding of this flower and how to care for it so that you will be happy with the results once it begins growing.   Take the time to read this article and become prepared for your new flower.

The flamingo flower is an indoor plant that has very dark leaves. This plant can be found in different colors ranging from orange to yellow.  It prefers to be in dark and shady locations and these are the locations in your home where you will have the best success growing this flower. You need to keep that in mind when you are determining where you will place this flower.

The soil that you will need to plant your flamingo flower in will need to be clay.  You will also need to keep the pH level between 5.5 and 7.0 in order for the flower to bloom and reach its fullest potential.  You can always talk to someone at the nearest garden center in order to ensure that you are using the correct soil.  They will be able to tell you which soil is more clay based if you can not find it on your own.  You will also want to talk to someone about how to test the pH of your soil.  This individual should be able to tell you how to regulate the pH if it is not where it should be.

Many people get really concerned about fertilizing their houseplants.  While this is a good thing to do, you want to allow them to rest in the fall and during the winter months.  This means that you will stop giving them fertilizer in late October and you will not start giving them fertilizer again until late in February.  When you are fertilizing, I recommend that you use a slow release fertilizer that you can simply place in the soil and let it release on its own throughout the season.  When you use this type you do not have to worry about remembering to feed your flamingo flower.

Your flamingo flower needs normal watering.  This means that you will want to water the plant until the soil is completely saturated and the water begin running out of the bottom of the plant.  This will let you know that the flower has enough water.  You will then wait until the top inch or two of the soil is very dry and then water the flower again.  This is a good routine to be in and you will always know that your flower has enough water.

When you have a plant indoors you need to remember that it is growing just like a plant outside.  It will eventually need more room to spread its roots.   You will need to transplant your flamingo flower every so often and move it into a larger pot.  Be sure to water your flower before you start this job.  This will help keep all of the soil around the roots when you are moving it from one pot to the next.

If you follow all of these simple steps and tips your flamingo flower will do just fine.  Remember to find a shady place to keep it and remember to water it often.  It is not difficult to help this plant survive as long as you understand its needs and meet them.  You should do this for all of your plants in order to keep them happy and healthy.