Flowering Bonsai

5 Types Of Flowering Bonsai

The flowering bonsai tree is a unique miniature tree that can be designed by you. Over a period of time you can style the plant how ever you would like it to look. But that isn’t the only reason that people love these plants.

Flowering bonsai trees come in many different varieties. All of which need their own separate instructions to keep the individual plant healthy. The name, flowering bonsai means that these trees either produce flowers fruit or both. If you live in a warmer climate you can plant these trees outdoors. But it must never go below fifty degrees Fahrenheit or it can damage the flowering bonsai plant.

There are several types of these trees. All of them can be grown either indoors or out and the choice for picking a tree is up to you and depends on your tastes. You can get a flowering bonsai for a garden area or use it as a table centerpiece for the home.

The flowering brush cherry bonsai tree originated in Australia and only grows to eight inches tall. It blooms tiny white flowers and the leaves are a deep green color. This plant needs extra sunlight and a slight mix of shade and if it is grown properly the leaves will have a slight red tint to them. They like a lot of water but also need to be placed in a container with drainage.

A flowering red anthurium bonsai looks more like a flower than a tree. It has pink, white and red colored blooms. Even know the tree reaches eleven inches tall the blooms are big enough to be seen and admired. The leaves are long and pointed and a lighter green color. The stems or branches come out of a stalk like bottom. These plants can be placed on Hawaiian lava rock and thrive there. They also like plenty of sunlight. If they are used indoor a grow light might be needed in the winter months for added light. This plant also likes water but needs a container with drainage.

The flowering white jasmine bonsai is a popular house plant not only because it is beautiful but also because it smells wonderful too. The plant has a vine base that can be left alone or trained into a tree from. It stands sixteen inches when fully grown and the blooms continue throughout the summer. They start out a creamy white color but as the summer goes by they turn pink. If planted outdoors, they will always have these blooms continuously. This plant likes a mix of sun and shade, so you can place them almost anywhere. They also like a lot of water.

The flowering Japanese mock orange bonsai tree grows up to seven inches and is a great indoor flowering bonsai. It has thicker, wider light green leaves and a strong bark tree base. The flowers are small and white and smell like an orange blossom. This is how this plant got its name and they will produce a small fruit when the plant is old enough. A mix of shade and sun and light watering is all that this tree needs.

The flowering chinzan azalea has bigger pink blooms that appear in the spring. They have small evergreen leaves and many tiny separate branches. This plant reaches around eleven inches tall and because of the number of branches it can be designed in many different ways. It is very easy to take care of and also only needs a bit of sunshine and water to thrive. This particular tree is perfect for beginners who are curious about flowering bonsai trees.