Flowers For Dad

Ideas On Flowers For Dad

Flowers for Dad? Who are you trying to kid? No one gives flowers to men, whether that man is your husband, father, or whatever. At least that's the mind set we grew up with. Today, the answer to the question of flowers for Dad is  - Why not? If asked, there may be some men who will tell you they don't like flowers, or more likely, don't care one way or the other. Most men however like flowers, but most men just don't talk about it all that much.

Talking about flowers still seems something that is more of a feminine thing than a masculine thing, and admittedly, women almost always do a better job of putting together a floral arrangement than men do. Still, the number of men who have produced painting of flowers, Rembrandt's “Sunflowers” for example, is a large number indeed, and many professional male photographers have devoted a large part of their efforts to photographing flowers.

Men do like flowers. Dads like flowers, but usually don't ask for them because they don't think to or don't expect to get them. If you ask your Dad what he'd like for his birthday or on Father's Day, he'd probably say, "a card would be nice (nicer than another pair of socks)" but probably wouldn't mention flowers, because the thought of flowers just wouldn't come to mind.

It's An Honor - When you give someone a bouquet of flowers, or a floral arrangement, you are honoring that person. They know it and appreciate it, and it really doesn't matter if that person is Mom, Dad, or Uncle Carl.

Where one might draw the line is how flowers for Dad are presented. As mentioned before, women are better at floral arrangement, and that includes simply putting a bouquet in a vase. Give your Dad a bouquet of flowers and he probably will look to your Mom for help as to what to do with them. It's kind of like when your Dad held you as a baby for the first time. It was neat but it was also nice to have help nearby.

It's probably a better idea then to already have the flowers in a vase, maybe on the breakfast table as a surprise. The all Dad has to do is admire them, which he surely will, several times during the day in fact. As mentioned earlier, when you give flowers to someone, you honor them.

Linear? - While there's nothing wrong with a mixed bouquet, most men tend to think "linearly", which simply means that a mixed arrangement is apt to be too complicated for Dad to grasp. Several roses, or several tulips make a nice "linear" arrangement. A single plant is a nice linear arrangement. The linearity argument may be going overboard however. The goal isn't to try to get into Dad's head and figure out the optimum flower arrangement that best fits the masculine mind, but rather it's to give a gift of love and appreciation. An attractive flower arrangement is an attractive arrangement whether it's “linear” or not, and will almost always be appreciated. It can help if you know what Dad's favorite flowers, or favorite kinds of flowers are. If you know that, it's hard to go wrong. The truth is, when it comes to giving flowers to Dad, even to a father who outwardly might seem a bit embarrassed by the gift, you really can't go wrong.

To arrive at what the right combination of flowers should be, in terms of either type or number, you don't have to make a scientific or engineering project of it, or even think "linearly". Those things that will serve you best in making your decision are love and respect.