Freezing Rhubarb

Freezing Rhubarb – How to Do It Correctly

Freezing rhubarb is not that uncommon as many people will complete this task so that they can enjoy it all year long.  However, if you have never froze rhubarb you may be wondering how to do it correctly.  You will want to follow these simple steps so that you can ensure you are doing it accurately.  You will realize that it really is not that difficult.

There are several steps that you are going to need to follow when you are freezing rhubarb.  You will want to start by boiling water on the stove.  Be sure that you are using a very large pot.  You will want to work on prepping the rhubarb while you are waiting on the water to boil.  You will do this by cutting the stalks off of them and washing them under cold water.

Once you have cut them and washed them you will need to cut them into small pieces that are approximately one inch in size.  You will then put them into a clean strainer.  Hopefully, by this point, the water will be boiling.  You will place the strainer down into the boiling water and leave it there for approximately 3 minutes.

When the three minutes is up you will take the strainer out of the water and then place it into a very large bowl of ice water with the rhubarb in it.  You will need to leave it in the ice water for 3 minutes, just like you did when you were boiling it.  This is going to help kill anything that is one the rhubarb before it is actually frozen.  You are going to need to have plenty of ice on hand so that you can continually cool the water down.  You do not want the hot rhubarb making the ice water warm.  You would be defeating the purpose at this point.

When you are finished with the cooling process, let the water simply run off of the rhubarb.  When it is finished drying, you are going to simply place the rhubarb into little plastic bags, seal it and then place it into the freezer.  This will keep for at least six months once it if frozen.  You will then be able to use it whenever you are ready for it.

There are several things that you are going to want to keep in mind when you are freezing rhubarb.  Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you get the greatest results.  The first thing that you need to remember that you should be sure the rhubarb is very clean.  You will also want to make sure that the containers you are using are air tight.  You can even use the vacuum sealers that are available now in order to help you get the air out of the containers.

Next, you will want to make sure that you are not filling the containers completely full with rhubarb. You want to be sure that you have left enough room in the containers or bags for the rhubarb to expand as it freezes.  Once you have them ready for freezing, you will need to find the coldest part of your freezer and place them in that location.  This will help ensure that they freeze quickly.  This will help them maintain their fresh flavor and taste when they are removed and prepared for use.

It is easy to see that freezing rhubarb is relatively easy.  As long as you have the proper containers to freeze the rhubarb in, you will be well on your way to amazing rhubarb.  This is going to be a wonderful treat during the off season when you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  So, take your time and carry out this task correctly. You will be glad you did.