Fringe Tree

All About the Fringe Tree

The fringe tree is a beautiful plant to have in your garden.  It will bloom beautifully in the springtime and make your home look inviting a pleasant.  This tree may also be called old mans beard and it will bloom when the dogwood has had its turn and it dying out.  Many people stick to maple trees or pine trees when they are planting in their yards.  However, think of the potential related to having something unique and different in your yard.  The fringe tree is usually fifteen to twenty feet tall when it has fully matured.  The flowers that it produces are snow white and they often look like white puffy clouds.  This is enough to make anyone consider owning one.

There are two types of fringe trees.  This is important to know if you are going to purchase one or plant one.  You will want to know the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to determine which type you would like to own.  They can be American or Chinese.  They are different from each other and you should understand some of these differences.  The Chinese fringe tree is actually smaller than the American and its flowers are more at eye level of the person viewing it.  The Chinese tree also has more beautiful flowers and it is much easier to grow.

This tree, in general, will bloom in the summer months from May to June and it produces flowers that are about six inches long.  It is found in the United States from Pennsylvania to Florida.  It may also grow as far west a Texas.  It needs a loamy soil in order to grow properly.  It also needs to have a lot of sunlight.  If it does not have the proper amount of sunlight it may not produce any fruit.  The fruit itself looks like olives and they are really enjoyed by birds and other animals.  If you want to plant ones of these trees you will need to start from a seed.  You will plant this seed around February or March.  You will typically do this inside of a greenhouse because it can take up to 18 months for the seed to take root and begin to grow.

It has been found that this tree has been used for more than decoration.  Parts of the tree can be used for medicinal purposes of home remedies.  It is believed that the bark can be used to help the liver and produce the flow of bile in the body.  It can also be used as a mild laxative.  Another claim is that it can help with digestion in the human body.

It is obvious to see that the fringe tree has many wonderful characteristics.  This may be a wonderful addition to your garden if you can help support its needs and help it grow.  You may want to consider planting it for its white cloud like blooms, or maybe you want to attract birds by luring them in with the trees wonderful fruit.  If you do plant one of these trees, it may be interesting to further research the medicinal purposes of the tree.  If you enjoy home remedies you may be able to make this tree work for you.  However, you will always want to research this topic fully and in depth.  You do not want to make yourself sick.  You may also be able to speak to someone who specializes in homeopathic medicine.  He or she may be able to help you understand the benefits of the fringe tree and what it can actually be used for.