Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Are You Looking For A Front Yard Landscaping Ideas?

If you are looking for a front yard landscaping ideas, that means you are ready to bring new personality to your home.  Interestingly, detailing a front yard is somewhat of a new concept. Of course, it only makes sense because your front yard is the first impression that people passing by or neighbors get of your home and you.  Additionally, with today's tough market, making use of a spectacular front yard landscaping idea is only going to make it look more valuable and inviting when you are ready to sell.


Your artistic front yard isn't just for other people to enjoy either.  It is the first thing that you see when you come home after a hard day and the last thing that you see before you leave so it should always look in a way that raises your spirits, not bring you down.  You may be looking for a front yard landscaping idea that is welcoming and friendly, natural or formal.  This is an area that should really be an extension of your own personality so choose whatever will make you happy, not what everyone else has.

Planting Designs

Your foundation plantings need to be carefully thought out.  This is an area where a lot of homeowners struggle or make a mistake, get frustrated and have to start over.  It is important that you become well educated on trees, shrubs, vines and perennials before you just jump into a decision.  What could seem like a really great front yard landscaping idea at the time, could turn into a disaster when you have shrubs blocking your windows, vines destroying your siding or a tree with roots so overwhelming that they start to damage your foundation, driveway and basement.

When you choose your back layer of plants, find out what height they will be when they reach maturity.  Make sure that they will not reach your widow sills and if you want year round decoration, pick evergreen shrubs so even in the winter, they will offer color.

You need to consider your shade and sun conditions, find out what zone you live in and aim to plant in groups of at least three.  As you layer, think about texture and try to plan it out in your head first.

Garden Troughs

Not all of your plants have to be in a bed.  Garden troughs and other plant containers add an extra dimension to your landscaping.  They can be placed near beds, along your driveway, walkway or on your porch.  Take advantage of all that empty space and do something with it.  These types of containers also give you the opportunity to experiment with plants and flower that you are unfamiliar with to see how they grow for you before you add them to a permanent place in your bed.

Ornaments And Accessories

Ornaments are a must for great landscaping.  You can have as few or as many as you want.  Windmills, gnomes, garden fairies, gargoyles, butterflies and frogs seem to be the most popular choices.  Choose an animal, object or theme that you really love and present it in your landscaping.  You can put basically anything outside as long as it is weatherproof.  You can also make use of arbors and decorative fencing as well.


Sprucing up your walkway is another great front yard landscaping idea.  You can choose to have your walkway geometry as straight or curvilinear.  This decision is usually made based on the location and size.  If it is just a short space, a lot of curves obviously are not the best idea but if you have room for a long winding walkway, these look really stunning in front yards.  Always begin your lines perpendicular to your porch if that is where your walkway begins, then you can branch out your curves once the walkway is established.

Straight paths provide a direct look and feel but materials and widths can add a bit of dimension and excitement.  Then, be sure to use a few potted plants or ornaments along the way.  If you don't have it in the budget right now for a full walkway, stepping stones make a great addition to anyone's landscaping as well.