Fuji Apple Tree

Growing a Fuji Apple Tree

The fuji apple tree is going to take approximately eight to ten years to grow if you are starting it from a seed.  While many people may prefer to do this, this article is going to explain how to plant a fuji apple tree in your yard that is already healthy and on its way.  This is going to be the easiest thing for you to do in order to get ripe, delicious apples as soon as possible.

You will start by going to the nursery to purchase your new tree.  You should wait until the fall in order to purchase and plant your fuji apple tree. This is when the tree is dormant and not growing.  This is going to help decrease any stress that may be done to the tree in the process of transplanting.  You will need to look them over and select the one that looks the healthiest to you.  Once you have selected your tree, take it home and select the perfect location to plant it.

It is often best if you plant it in a five gallon bucket.  This is going to allow you the ability to move it around for a while and to keep a close eye on it.  You do not want to plant it in the back yard and forget about it.  You will want to be sure that it is getting a lot of sun during the day.  You can move it out into the sun on nice days and leave it there for a few hours.  It is going to need approximately six hours of sun each day.  You will be able to move it back into the shade if it is getting to hot outside.  You will also be able to move it out into the rain so it can get some water.  However, you will be able to move it back out of the weather so that it does not get too much water.

You will need to keep a few things in mind as you get ready to plant the fuji apple tree in the ground.  First, you are going to want to make sure that the hole is large enough to keep accommodate the root system of the tree.  You do not want to dig a hole that is so small the roots are getting all tangled up with one another.  You want to be sure that the roots have enough room to spread and grow.

When you place the fuji apple tree in the ground, you are going to want to be sure that you have mulch to place around the tree.  This is going to help keep the moisture in the ground around the tree.  This is going to help it grow and spread its roots a lot faster.  This is also going to help protect the tree from harsh, cold temperatures by adding some insulation to the roots and the ground around the tree.

Fuji apple trees can easily become your favorite.  These apples are very good when simply eaten off of the tree.  They are also good if you take them and cut them up to be placed on a salad.  If you are the type of person that knows how to make applesauce, you may be very interested in growing these trees on your property. These are the best apples to use when making homemade applesauce.  You will not need to add any sugar to them because they are very sweet in their natural state.  Many people will also use the fuji apple as a way to dress up a salad and add some natural flavor to it.