Full Sun Annuals

Top Selections to Consider Among Full Sun Annuals

If you love the vibrant colors that come from full sun annuals, you would have no problem in replanting every year.  Just as with perennials, annuals come in hundreds of varieties regarding color, size, shape, and time of bloom.  Typically, annuals need full sunlight, which means anywhere between six and eight hours every day.  Therefore, prior to planting any full sun annuals, you should pay attention to the area where you want to plant to make sure it gets adequate light.



You will find that some areas that might seem ideal for full sun annuals are actually not good simply because some or all of the sunlight becomes blocked for several hours each day to due large trees, shrubs, or even neighbor’s homes.  However, if you have an area that gets the amount of sunlight needed, the fun begins in shopping for different full sun annuals.

We wanted to provide you with some great choices to consider for full sun annuals broken down by category and color.

Now, when you look for full sun annuals, you will find that some can handle full sun along with other conditions.  For instance, Floss Flower, Lobella, Flowering Tobacco, and Pansy all work well in full sun areas, as well as partial shade.  Again, although full sun flowers have to be replaced every year, the vibrancy, and broad selection overrides the process.  Usually, people will use annuals and perennials together or for hanging pots, raised gardens, and containers, which are great for people without a yard or apartment dwellers.