Geranium Biokovo

How to Grow Geranium Biokovo

The geranium Biokovo is a hybrid also known as the Biokovo cranesbill. It originated in Croatia as a natural hybrid and was named after Mount Biokovo. It’s a rhizomatous geranium, meaning that it has very thick roots which spread out horizontally. It’s a plant that grows to be between six and ten inches high, and is most often used for ground cover.




If you are interested in attracting butterflies to your yard, the geranium Biokovo would be an excellent choice. Butterflies flock to these geraniums. The plant has white flowers with a pink center and pink stamens. From afar it looks like the entire flower is pale pink, but up close it looks very showy. It brightens up any yard. It is a spring bloomer and is usually finished flowering sometime in July. The flowers are around three-fourths of an inch across and each one of them has five petals.

The cranesbill geraniums are considered to be “true” geraniums, which are perennials and not the annuals that are sold in garden stores every spring.  As such, they are quite hardy down to temperatures of 10-20 degrees F.  Some gardeners claim growing them at colder temperatures than that, down to USDA hardiness zone three. That zone has temperatures down to thirty below zero.

The geranium Biokovo likes to be planted in well-drained soil and can do well in partial sun to full sun. Full sun is at least six hours of sun each day. The only thing that really bothers this plant is being too wet. You should not plant it in wet areas or any that might develop standing water if it rains heavily. If properly cared for, this cranesbill geranium can live for ten years, which is a long time for any perennial.

Although the foliage of this plant is a thick hardy, evergreen ground cover, one of the things that make it a popular plant with gardeners is that the flower still looks very delicate. And, even though the flowers end earlier in the summer and do not bloom through the fall, the foliage stays green all summer. In the fall the foliage turns to a brilliant red, making it quite attractive. Because of its tremendous spreading capabilities, the geranium Biokovo needs to be cut back in the fall for the winter dormant season. It will also grow back thicker and produce more flowers.

One of the most positive features of this geranium is that it is pretty much carefree. It doesn’t have any big problems with pests or diseases, which is quite unusual for any plant. It also is not one which will be bothered by large pests, such deer. They do not like the smell of the geranium Biokovo, which gardeners describe as lemony.

This geranium is propagated by division, so if you have a friend or neighbor who is growing the plant, ask them for a few to plant in your yard. The plant can fill up space pretty quickly, making it ideal for those larger spots that need ground coverage. It is also often used in rock gardens and as a plant for garden borders. Just remember how far a rhizomatous plant spreads underneath the ground, and don’t grow other plants in the middle of the space.

Geraniums are among the most popular of all flowers worldwide, and they come in every imaginable color. The Cranesbills look great and add another dimension to geraniums--the ability to grow them as perennials in the north. The geranium Biokovo is a wonderful cranesbill specimen, which can add beauty and class to any yard.